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Not true. I used to be a liberal. Then I underwent severe trauma and got my life together.

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Based Tom Araya always pissing ppl off \m/ Meanwhile Kerry King's wife said she is going to have purposeful abortions if Trump is elected. Kinda glad they broke up. I mean that band died when Lombordo left the first time. It was already dead to me by the time the real songwriting genius (Jeff Hanneman) died. Enjoy your retirement Tom. You earned it buddy. Thanks for all the memories and early albums. Kerry King is a greedy fat hack. I hope he and his wife catch AIDS then Corona virus.

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FR. There is a video of him recently saying on day one of his presidency he will legalize marijuana and give black and hispanic people special grants to open dispensaries. Bruh? Can you pander to the poor harder?

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Bush and McCain are the greatest war criminals in history.

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Neither did Joan Rivers... The day after she said everyone in Hollyweird knew Big Mike had a dick.