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Good angle, very plausible, they would fight to the death to never let anyone see those ballots as well.

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Girls who aren’t cool enough to have friends and need a group to be a part of. Social Justice Warriors come in many shapes and flavors all have the same thing in common, they are usually lonely lazy losers who want to be “different”.

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Nazis have rebranded Americans as their enemy.

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Been looking to adopt a transgendered unicorn, if any one knows someone who I looking to part ways with their transgendered unicorn I’m looking to adopt.

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A report by people close to the situation of retired former officials who have ears on the ground suggest with 100% authority that they know whatever it is that will make the French feel better to elect their globalist puppet another 8 years, report says.

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No he hasn’t, he is trying to save his ass, his country people are dying, either slowly or unexpectedly, France is choosing to die.

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Exactly, his people are dying because they comply with the government, France Government has failed their country men and women, France is dying.

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These people love the government telling them what to do.

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They all knew what was happening on Epstein’s island - Cindy McCain admitted in a live interview.

Yet here we are, back to putting rich and powerful well connected social elites back in charge of stuff, fucking Americans don’t deserve this country.

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Yep, Reddit was a huge daily push for stupid vaccination nazis. I’ve seen a ton of my parents never gave me a vaccine now I’m 18 and got every single vaccine the doctors told me, 64 vaccines in 1 day!!!

Fucking retards.

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Hey he is a catholic who knows all about palms and you know the thing.

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But the tv told me Biden is president and trump is impeached.

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It’s for your own good, and it will be just this one time we promise.

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Enough to show intent to deceive and overturn the entire election is GA! in 1918 an entire town went to war over 1 illegal vote (the town was only 45 people big but still)

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