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I'd say the healthcare workers who need them will disagree. If your healers die your squad is in big trouble.

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They have blinders on their eyes.

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And? That's literally nothing. It's our faults that the democrats are even involved in this process because we didn't push hard enough in 2018. Now we have to give up some retarded concessions to get things done. Massie is wasting our time.

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Just to add some context here, while I think what she and other governors are doing is wrong, apparently the problem is, is that doctors are becoming aware of the potential for Hydroxychloroquine to cure wuhan flu, and they are ordering in mass for themselves and for their family members in case they catch it. This is causing shortages for people who use the drug for other diseases. Just goes to show that the Doctors clearly know something that the media doesn't want you to know.

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They already told their constituents to 'go out and dine out, go to a large parade, or else you're racist' so I would imagine that they'll do anything to hurt the president at this point.

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Not a single person, or friend of a friend or even a Facebook acquiescence has gotten the virus. So either it's so mild that most people don't even notice it. Or we really did a great job of cutting the spread. Now, back TO WORK!

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They'll get what they deserve.jpeg for what they've done in this hoax. But not until Nov 4th.

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We all need to pick a day to commit some sort of act of of counter moves. We should pick one day and all of us set our social media status to "Trump was right about China". Then another day try and all of us buy an ETF to drive the market higher. We are powerless individually but there's millions of us who support the president and even more so the Country! The time for playing nice is long over!

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The problem is that the people who sell options, know this and are charging massive premiums for options right now. you're better off just buying 3x long S&P etf's.

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They messed up by putting the bat wings on ebolachan.

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TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE AT STAKE. OF FUCKING COURSE CHINA UNLEASHED THIS VIRUS. That's why it's imperative that we keep calling it the Wuhan virus and why the left is so desperate to make that racist.

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oof power level over 9000

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Never been seen eating a vegetable! Even once! Steaks only like ron swanson!

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My guess is that it's at least 1 more than that. But yeah certainly not the first gay president.

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Pizza gate 100% vindicated.

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I see this as a win. Now when I'm on Reddit I'll be in all of the enemies echo chambers breaking up the circle jerk as often as possible.

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