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If you get tested and test positive even if false, it can be considered a prior health condition and fuck up your insurance. You can also have your kids taken away by child services and possibly even lose your job.

Don't get tested.

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Imagine having to buy a black market vaccination paper.

Demolition Man looks more and more realistic every day honestly.

Rat burgers for us if it was up to the left.

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If we do not do the same thing as they doing, we will lose. They will succeed to cancel and ban all things they don't approve of.

If we fight fire with fire, companies either have to pick a side or go back to no side at all.

If they know we will do nothing, they will pander only to the left since we won't do shit anyway.

It's just part of the war.

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"Have you been a victim of wrong thought? Are people telling you things we don't want you to hear? No worries! Here at the Ministry of Fact-Checking we have created a website just for you! No more will you have to be subjected to free expression and unfiltered speech! Our website contains only the information we want you to know, and none of that pesky truth or reality that you'd prefer not to confront! Find your safe space TODAY."

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There is literally an option when you deport for stuff exactly like this. Mods have asked people to modmail questions and concerns. I respect the established rules for the order it helps to bring to the forum.

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In this forum we respect law and order. In this instance specifically, order. Mods have requested if you have comments or concerns to message them through modmail. There is an option under deport for "Questions and Comments" that was established for this very reason. If you think somehow that suggesting we follow established decorum and the order that helps this place not turn into a cesspool makes me a Karen, so be it.

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More like deport. People should use modmail for stuff like this.

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When Trump wins, betting companies are going to take a bath. They have a ton of money behind bets on this. All of these companies will work against him in any way they can. We're fighting on many fronts here.

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Weird. A disease you have to be tested to know you have basically and it only affects people who already have medical issues. The numbers of people without underlying illness is statistically insignificant to me. Those numbers are so low they could literally be undiagnosed conditions.

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POTUS is literally the most powerful person in the world.

Why would an entire group of people conspire together to achieve this position and how could they keep it a secret?

Boy, I don't know. Must not be possible. I'm assured by the news media it isn't possible.

Idiots, really.

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We are a nation of laws. Once we accept corruption, we no longer exist as a Republic.

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The old cuck GOP always lost because of "think of how this will make us look" while Communists were slow burning the USA into their ideology.

Fuck that, no more. We do what is necessary to preserve our Republic.

Plus, they've already called us all Nazis anyway.

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Why is their idea of "doing capitalism a little different" always end up as Communism with extra steps?

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I got two choices when I leave the house. Pack my CCW for my protection, or pack a mask for "your protection". Guess which one I pick 100% of the time?

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There has been no study on it since this year was unprecedented in terms of mail in and early voting.

You can't compare this year to any other. The study means dick.

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Hate to say it but he said he had enough evidence to make Biden quit his campaign, too.

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