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Think how much that must trigger the libs that come here and downvote

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The new upvote thing is absolutely amazing

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"At least for the remainder of my life, it'll keep the crazy at bay."

China: no

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Is that the girl who murdered her children?

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Seeing everything thats going on and being revealed. I quiet literally think it's safe to say that the FREE WORLD as we know it would be destroyed/under control if hillary won 2016

IFOTBGTFO2 [S] 3 points ago

Funny how leftists fell victim to their own propaganda. The fake polls lied to them so much they forgot to try harder.

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Come on when it adds up scientifically AND religiously, you know it's true.

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My job wasn't handed to me on a silver plate. Capitalism has failed.

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Yep. I dont use reddit cos they send your online fingerprint to their servers every 10 seconds

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CNN be like:

Yellow = Self made entrepreneurs

Blue = Innocent families

Green = Women and children

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No need to be humble with not accepting donations, people want to give you money and you rightfully deserve it.

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Mods check out me latest post pls ❤

Website upgrade ideas

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Yeah the fact you dont have to verify anything is great.

What's cool is, unlike reddit, this is our site and we can constantly improve it and implement new features which will be amazing.

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JLP is a man sent by God, love seeing his stuff posted.