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I'm Tippu Tip and I approve this meme.

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Correction, the aliance between Big Tech and the three-letter agencies will make us a police state. St. George is a nothing burger.

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If he doesn't walk it's a straight-up lynching at this point.

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IMO the north was far closer to the SJW coalition than the south. The same aliance of neurotics, hysterics, and psychopaths (aka the abolitionists - look into 'em some day, they're a laugh riot) puppeteered by the plutocracy in the exact same way. And Reconstruction was a dry run for the culture war.

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You don't have to say please, I'm already clapping.

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Damn your eyes man! I've been saving that very quote to blast Qtards with, and you beat me to it. Have an upvote, and let that be a lesson to me not to waste time on protracted campaigns.

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I've said before that leftists can convincingly embody both sides of an abusive relationship, but neither side of a healthy one.

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Watched three minutes, and can confirm that D is for DARVO.

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Literally for posting a different narrative lol.

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As far as I can see it falls under the same laws saying the phone company can't cut your service because of your beliefs. These are platforms just like the phone company, so no need to nationalizing anything. Just discipline the nation's enemies the same way we'd discipline its friends lol.

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