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"Obviously they weren't social distancing," said Karen.

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And not one Karen telling people to social distance or wear face masks. Great to see normal again!

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You have to admit she's easy on the eyes! But she's also incredibly smart and sharp!

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Wow... Watched all 46 minutes. He has dementia. Period.

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See my post above, but it's a fair question. It's a question of how one wants to define survival. If you use the population of the U.S. then the numbers are correct. If you use the number of people infected and then die then the number is not correct. In that case, it is 94% survive. The person who originally posted this defined "survive" as not dying or not getting COVID-19 to get to the numbers. By if you only use CDC info, then you have to ask yourself, do they have the correct number? Not everybody was tested, they don't know who has been infected, most probably don't even report being sick, and many cases have no symptoms. So, what is a "true" number? I agree with the original post. use the Census and the number of people who died. That's the survival rate. Here's another viewpoint worth looking at: https://www.wthr.com/article/verify-twitter-posts-not-depicting-accurate-covid-19-survival-rates

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The person who posted this originally got their statistics using the United States Census Bureau estimated the U.S. population in 2019 to be 328,239,523. And when you do the math based on that, about 99.975% of the population has not died of COVID-19 as of yet. Link: https://www.census.gov/en.html. However, if you also add the estimated illegal immigrants then you get to 99.983%

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FYI: "Lily" is a man who wrote the Matrix and her/his brother also identifies as a woman who wants to be called "Lana." The Wachowski brothers identify as the Wachowski sisters.

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Der Stürmer was the Nazi propaganda news outlet; HuffPo is one of the Democrat's propaganda news outlets.

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Sadly, nothing will happen to them for their crimes because they are Democrats and the press has their lips pressed to their ass.

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What was telling was his very nervous laughter after that. It is the nervous laughter of a liar.

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This warrior is locked and loaded--ready for the fight!

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Follow-up: If you look at NY state alone they account for 32% of all deaths with a vast majority of them within the NY City area.

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See my post above, but all of CA is in the bottom with L.A. being in the middle third.

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As of today: It requires a little statistical work, but if you go to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html and download the data for deaths by county and then sort by third, you will find that NY, MI, and IL accounting for 1/3 of the deaths. These are NY city and surrounding areas, Chicago, and Detriot. The next third is predominantly the Northeast (NY, CT, NJ, MA, etc.) with major cities in PA, FL, WA, MI (not Detroit), and Los Angeles. After that is the rest of the U.S. for the bottom third. So, the map may have been right on 5/7, but as of 5/14 it has changed slightly.

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Just right mouse click and copy url. Paste and you can watch it. It's worth it!!

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It takes 2 minutes to 15 minutes for someone to die in the electric chair. It's not looking good for Clapper with these upvotes.

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