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So many Democrats are racist and get a pass. Racists have learned to keep people on the liberal plantation.

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Seriously, I don't get it. Hannity has been a big supporter of Trump. Maybe I'm missing something but I like Hannity and I'm not a fan of TD going after its own. The umbrella should be big enough for many viewpoints here at TD.

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He's got balls of steel to be taking on the fetynol-like BLM nutjobs.

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Cried laughing so hard. Priceless!

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It's probably Eastern Europe based on the license plates and the "Anteka" store which is Russian for pharmacy. The guy was trying to make a point of some kind. What's sad is there were kids around and this perv didn't care. Here's the longer version: https://streamable.com/a7h5sn

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You can click on the link, then select a change, and click "compare selected revisions" to see the changes. Some are cosmetic, but other edits clearly soften her position and make her look more mainstream.

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