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The lioness represents Sidney!

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"So you don't want to frighten the american public,

but you need to prepare for, and assume, that this is going to be a real serious problem.

We have to prepare for the worst, always, because if you don't, and the worst happens..."


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Clint Eastwood: I hate Trump. I support Bloomberg.

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They wanted to get caught. Next hoax media will run with is "Trump stole the election from Biden. No evidence of Fraud."

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He's so confident while the media is reporting the exact opposite. Love it!

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FYI Biden didnt resign until January to join the Obama Cabinet.

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Sure, if you're a doctor you might want to wait. But the reality is doctors are constantly having pussy thrown at them. Doctors get more pussy than almost anyone, so it shouldn't be that hard to find a nice lady who you are compatible with before you finish med school. My dad is a doctor and got married to my mom b4 he finished school.

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Date whoever you want, but my advice would be find a nice lady in your mid 20s, date a few years (at least 2) and put a ring on it by 30. Ideally she should be around 5 years younger than you. Wish I would have followed this advice! Getting a bunch of pussy in your 30s is a waste of time, trust me.

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Ew this is gay stuff? Thought you were a lady. Whatever makes you happy, fellow pede! Pick that lil twink up and show him a good time.


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Dating past like 35 is a fucking trainwreck. After 40 you're totally fucked. Find a good woman and get married young. The longer you wait, the more slim the pickens are. Women that are still single in their 30s are a huge red flag. Especially watch out for these jaded online dating desperados. You're gonna have a bad time.

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Here is his legal team hosting a press conference, before Sidney was given the axe. They're all there - the 5 lawyers mentioned in the tweet - what a coincidence!

Now, what would you call a team of lawyers hosting a press conference who represent the president?

Would you call those lawyers representing the president, headed by Rudy, a legal team? Yes, yes you would.


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Okay so you want to to list the individual responsibilities of his legal team now? Here goes:

Rudy G: Trump's lawyer

Jenna Ellis: Trump's Legal advisor

Joseph DiGenova: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_diGenova

Victoria Toensing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Toensing


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Okay now you're questioning the validity of trump even having a legal team? You will admit rudy is on his legal team, yes? Okay, Jenna Ellis a part of that team correct? Cool, what about the 2 other people mentioned in his tweet, Joseph and Victoria, are they part of the legal team, along with rudy and Jenna?

The answer is yes.

Okay, so why mention sidney at all then? And then we get this statement from Rudy. This shit is not cut and dry, and the fact of the matter is you have no idea. You are not the rosetta stone of Trump's tweets like you think you are.


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Okay, how about this...

Trump mentioned 5 people by name, including Sidney.

Are the 4 other people mentioned by Trump part of his legal team?

Yes or No?

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My understanding from reading the texts is that he dumped Hailie because he was banging whores all over the country and lost interest in her. Soon thereafter natalie complained to her mom about hunter, and there was a family crisis that we see texts remnants of. Hallie threw a fit and sounded the alarm based on what natalie told her about hunter.

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Lol, okay now of the 5 people mentioned by name in the tweet, who were added to (joined) his team, who is the only one mentioned that is not actually part of the team? You say just sidney, correct? Not the other 4 mentioned by name, right? Just Sidney. Well that's odd, Lin Wood wasn't mentioned. He named 5 people, but shouldn't have included sidney by name, because you say that's not what he meant? Because you are the magical genius that has studied Trump's tweets and knows how to interpret them? Lol! Whatever you say!

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Thanks for the clarification, and I'm inclined to believe you. But Lin Wood was not mentioned by name. Sidney Powell was mentioned along with - 4 people, including rudy - that are part of his legal team. So sidney was the only one of the 5 people mentioned in that tweet that was actually not part of the team? Then your example of sports fans being "part of the team" is a huge stretch. Maybe you're right, but mentioning her name along with 4 legit people on the team has created a ton of confusion if that's not what he meant.

Edit: here is Trump's legal team, with sidney, holding a press conference. Just ignore sidney, she's not part of the legal team. Sure she was mentioned in the tweet with the other 4, having been added to his legal team, but her being up there with the other 4 lawyers mentioned I the tweet is TOTALLY JUST A COINCIDENCE! https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/11/19/watch_live_trump_legal_team_outlines_election_fraud_allegations.html

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