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So that Trump has "plausible deniability" when she starts going after the Democrats and RINOs who were involved in this election fraud.

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Trump’s campaign position is a civil issue. Dominion and election fraud is a criminal issue. Sydney is going to be accusing some individuals of some very nasty things and it's probably better if the US President isn't involved.

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If this is going into criminal territory Trump can not be financing that or involved or it will look like he is going after rivals, it has to be independent

Okay, now THIS is the only explanation that makes sense to me.

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These idiots actually think we're going to play nice after 4 years of violent attacks against us - calling us Nazis, racists...etc , 4 years of media bias and censorship and 4 years of all of their manufactured hoaxes - Russia collusion, Ukraine quid pro quo, Jussie Smollet "attack", Christine Blasey Ford "gang rape", Covington Kids...and now, this obvious fraudulent election. Their call for "peace and unity" is a fucking insult.

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I propose a new law that gives the Death Penalty for anyone involved in election fraud.

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Personally, I just want revenge. Revenge on the Democrats for wasting 4 years with their Russia collusion hoax. Revenge on all media for their biased coverage and censorship. Revenge for all the violent attacks on Trump supporters. I want the left destroyed.

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It looks like that stuff that you use to seal your driveway. Here is video shortly after it happened. https://twitter.com/BlessUSA45/status/1320294946423906304

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Some idiot on Twitter called Trump a "junkie" because of all the energy he's had lately, even rallying in 4 different states today so I tried to respond with this photo and was immediately locked out of my account.

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I have a feeling it's intentional in response to Jack getting subpoenaed

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This time I hope they can hang an actual charge over his head like corporate fraud or election interference or something. Otherwise, just another dog and pony show.

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Apparently, they have been invited to Trump's speech today at the White House where they are all headed now.

RSBN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nLwGUWUWm0&ab_channel=RightSideBroadcastingNetwork

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I'm starting to notice a..(ahem)...similarity with the names of these people involved in voting fraud...

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It's like they choose to be miserable. I mean has your life really been affected that much when a different person was in the White House?

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Avenge Kavanaugh

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"Last week"??? They've been setting fires for the past 3 months

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