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Now now skeeter, he ain't hurting anyone.

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Some churches have started doing that for instance by holding services on the beach.

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It'll certainly help, but remember the media's suggestions only have power because the hate was already in people's hearts.

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Looked away and it got stickied... flash mods. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Not surprised, it's just the cancer calling the other cancer not cancerous enough.

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He was just trying to show his undying love and support.

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I posted this just to see the name fellow pedes will come up with.

Not disappointed.

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Don't be obtuse. It's about the practice of labelling businesses, that's what my link shows, that's what is being criticized.

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Yeah some people on here don't like that sort of stuff, call it "divisive" or whatever, but many more seem to like it, so just keep it up. White people need to catch a wake up or their children will hate them for the world of pain they'll be left with.

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It's the principle of the thing. These people won't stop until they've felt real pain. Besides, the businesses not labelled are being discriminated against, if they're worthy, support them, it's got zero to do with race.

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That last one, payback's a bitch! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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He was literally following the procedure in the cities police manual and had zero intent to kill. You see it in the transcripts too, they were waiting for the ambulance while following procedure, that's it.

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When searching for a business remember to check on Google if it's Google/BLM approved, avoid those if possible!

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The U.S. has left the chat

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I'm glad this year is tough, helps a lot of people question and reconsider their values. The long term winning from that will probably be well worth it.

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No kidding, they probably have a division patrolling this site for "muh hate crimes and white supremacy" while the cities burn and pedos run amok.

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