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They should just call it BeanieCast

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I think he's trolling.

Folks are rumoring about a rebranding of the IRL podcast.

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Imagine all the whiny Democrats who all the sudden flip their tune on vaccinations.

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The most prominent logical fallacy I see in this is that schools have yet to be open for a full two weeks, which is the incubation period for the WuFlu. We cannot begin counting cases from schools until the two week mark.

That is, unless the two week incubation period is complete horseshit like most everything else Fauci and his goons told us.

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In my experience, the liberal radicalization and indoctrination of students does not begin until they reach University.

When they reach University, parents lose their right to access their children's transcripts whenever they want, thus cutting them out of their children's education.

Parents have so much insight and control over what goes on in k-12 right now. I honestly don't think parents realize just how much power they and the school board have.

At my school, the board can make decisions that radically change the structure of our school and the materials we teach with. They are even more powerful than the administration. This is completely opposite at the University level.

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What I've found is that teachers for the most part are losers. People that couldn't cut it in the private sector and the best they could amount to is mastering an elementary school level of knowledge, and the ability to pass that simple knowledge on to little children.

Then you have been woefully ill informed, and are in fact very ignorant on matters relating the profession of Education.

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So why not join your local School Boards? Do something about the problems you see instead of throwing blame, and bitching about it on social media?

If I openly confronted these views in public, I'd be out of the job. I'm not an idiot. I'd rather keep my job so as to continue fighting this battle in the classroom.

If you really gave a damn, you'd join me and become a teacher.

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Where does your evidence for your assertion come from? Social media, or experience? If you have formed your opinion based on posts on social media, you need to broaden your perspective.

Any conservative teacher that dares to challenge the left publicly will be cancelled by the mob. The only teachers who openly post on social media are those who have the favor of the left wing mob.

By your logic, Joe Biden is likely to win the presidency. After all, the vast majority of voters are liberal. I heard so on social media, so it must be true!

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As an Educator, I feel obligated to point out that these people do not represent the profession of Education. There are many great Educators in the United States. Please don't let a vocal minority convince you that all Educators think like they do.

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Call up Elon. He's always looking for good talent!

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As an educator, I completely agree.

The standardization of education in America was one of the worst decisions made in modern history.

Each state should have their own department of education that makes decisions independent of the federal government. I'd be very interested in 12 years to see the reports on graduation rates and ACT/SAT scores from all 50 states.

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That is exactly what they do.

Their bias is so extreme that their brain auto filters all information.

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The genius of this...

You have to be EMPLOYED to get a payroll tax cut! :-D

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Or, you know, they could cut all the fat off the Federal Government and save trillions. We have far too many alphabet agencies.

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They'll find some way to twist the narrative and convince sheeple that its a bad thing.

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Someone else brought this up in the live thread, but...

What does differed mean? Will we have to pay at a later date?

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It sounds like you want Trump to turn into an authoritarian dictator and run every state in the union.

That is not America. America is a United collective of States. We have local state leadership, and we have national federal leadership.

Its time for people to get engaged in their local state level politics, and quit asking Trump to solve all the problems in every state.

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Blue state territory.

Trump is playing the long game on this one.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Likewise... Bailout a blue state, and you fix it for a day. Teach the populous to vote red, and you feed them for a lifetime.

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