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Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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Sounds like a tough situation. My husband grew a beard and I am not a fan, but at least he is on the Trump train. lol

Maybe your wife will come around. I subtly tell my family members the good things Trump has done for the VA, for oil and gas...I never talk about the candidates, just the policies. This seems to help those with TDS listen a little better.

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I see your point, if your kid is there and in school. In Minnesota, I am talking about the districts that are entirely online. The students are working from home. They are not getting very many people to show up for the free food and much of it is going to waste. My nephew is in a daycare program and the school nutrition ended up donating a ton of the lunches to kids in the daycare center. My nephew showed up at home with bags full of milk, fruit, etc. My brother's family makes over $200,000 a year. If the school district has that much food leftover, perhaps they should re-evaluate the program, not just randomly donate to families that do not even need or want it.

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My close relative is a medical doctor and he never uses Dr. or MD in his name. At work, patients may call him doctor, but no one else usually does.

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It’s a shame the MSM does not report news, but instead is just one big campaign commercial for a corrupt Joe Biden

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Honest question: How challenging is it being married to her?

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MN must have got a fortune from the CARES act. They are giving away tons of free food, or trying to, at least. First the schools were handing out food, student ID required. Then they switched it to no idea required. They were having way too many leftovers and now it is any adult, anyone, can get the free school lunches.

If we have SNAP and we have food shelves, why are we wasting money, hard earned taxpayer money, on this kind of stuff? I am so sick of all the wasteful spending.

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I don’t know but in MN Gov Walz still has emergency powers and we still have a mask mandate. Three months we’ve been forced to mask up. It is insanity. If the masks are working, why are these case numbers “exploding” and if they don’t work, let’s end the mask mandate and let people choose to wear one or not. So done with Walz.

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This is what happens when you don’t have to work hard. Normal people are too busy to sit around taking this many naked pictures of themselves.

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Minnesotan here! If we can overcome the Somali cheating, it will be a red wave

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