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OMG. Took me a second too. I thought his ice cream looked especially creamy...KEK

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Hahaha! Just wait...this is what we will see as soon as Biden announces his pick.

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You should go to Lake Calhoun some evening and walk around. I know they changed the name to Bde Maka Ska, and now I get it...it isn’t even the same lake anymore. It looks like you’ve been transported to Somali or a third world country.

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I agree with you. Just pretend your a dem there

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Yep. Minneapolis has changed quite a bit. It is barely recognizable.

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Of course I do! I know tons of single hockey players looking for a good conservative woman!

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Here in Minneapolis we are spending millions housing them in hotels (until they got the boot for destroying the place and rampant drug use) and building them housing, at the cost of taxpayers.

They also let them put up tents in local parks and near the lakes. Powder Horn Park looks like a lunatic campground and beautiful Lake Harriet has tents set up nearby. Now if my boys and I went and threw a tent up just to camp in our local park we would get kicked out. But they allow this nonsense, if you use drugs and pay no taxes.l

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You are so right. My sweet grandmother was in a nursing home in NC. The last time she was able to have a visitor was early March. She died in July, after weeks and weeks of asking everyone on the telephone why no one ever visited her anymore. She was heartbroken. No family visits. No hugs from grandchildren. No visits from her preacher, no visits from her Sunday school class and her fun church friends. No visits from her former neighbors. She went from multiple visits from many people each week, bringing her treats and joy, to nothing. She lived a long life and never has the country shutdown like this. Never were healthy people quarantined at home. She could not understand what was going on with no one visiting her anymore. The morning she died, she asked my mother over FaceTime when she was going to visit. My mom told her hopefully soon she would visit and bring her a Bojangles sausage biscuit and coffee. Grandma wanted to know when. My mom told her she could not say for sure, as she did not know when she would be allowed. My grandma died that afternoon.

No one talks of these tragedies in the MSM.

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I think the same thing, although look at these weirdos. There is always another freak out there ready to hook up with her.

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Muh second wave of the virus that has a million symptoms and a million cases and the vast majority of people recover from...

We must shutdown the country until December. Well, at least until the election is over. Than the virus will magically disappear, just like all the money in taxpayer’s wallets.

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