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Yeah.. I'm gonna disagree with that one. I'd wager the average member of the military outside of combat roles are much worse shooters than the average civilian enthusiast.

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Because the Confederate flag is not a racist symbol and the American civil war was not about slavery.

The Confederate flag represents pride in southern United States heritage (a large portion of which is black).

There isn't a nice tidy bow-wrapped single cause of the war. But if I were to try to summarize it in as few words as possible, it came from rising tensions between Southern States advocating for individual states rights whereas northern states continued to push federal laws that greatly benefited northern states' economies while stifling the south.

The south didn't leave and one day saying "fine, we'll go make our own country!" Individual states left the union one by one. The union refused to legally recognize secession. It wasn't all that much different than when the union declared Independence from England. The biggest difference being that they won.

The Confederacy formed in response to the actions of the Union. The Union would not allow individual states to given themselves, and individually the southern states stood no chance in open conflict against such a large convinced northern force.

Slavery was already on its way out before the civil war began. There had been efforts to make it illegal from the very founding of the country, by founding fathers, no less. Abolition was used as a means of obscuring the motivations of fellow countrymen and turning the public image into a vilification. And, as they say, the history books are written by the winners.

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Hey johnsonjackson what font is that

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You have outdated information

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I just stood out in my yard listening to the rumble with teary eyes. It really got to me this year.

It feels like we're losing our country, our identity. It feels like everyone "out there" is being brainwashed by the news, academics, social engineering.

It didn't feel like that tonight. I have never experienced this feeling. Our country is not lost.

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I know people think this is "unrealistic." But we have MANY intelligence agencies in this country. The CIA has proven to me corrupt, and their job is redundant.

We don't need an FBI, they've proven themselves to be both corrupt and incompetent. We have other federal law enforcement agencies that do better jobs at policing.

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The message wasn't deep, the threads were woven RIGHT under the surface. Everyone wasted their time trying to see where they lead and they didn't come back together in some great tapestry they just stopped. Such a disappointment

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I understand deductive reasoning, but you aren't using any. You're just spouting off disconnected nonsense and calling it reason, and it's not.

Deduction has to have a connection. You make a connection between two things. You make another connection with one of those things and another thing. Now, you've connected the first and third thing with two steps. The third step isn't necessary. But you're not making any connections. You're throwing out a list of individual bullet points, not making any statements themselves and saying "draw the rest of the fucking owl."

I'm left to assume you must be on drugs or have suffered brain damage because you can't answer my very specific question. You just keep listing other things. The only time I've seen this kind of communication pattern before was a combination of both.


This is the image of yourself you are portraying. Except you aren't drawing any red lines. Your wall looks like this.


And you want the reader to follow along without guiding them between your points.

I'm sorry, but I'm done with the conversation. Best of luck to you and finding someone that understands.

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I mean, that does happen. My name is hard for people to pronounce in Spanish. They call me a Spanish name instead.

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Ok so, please don't take any of this in a disrespectful undertone. I'm trying to be succinct, not "short" I went back over the first message piece by piece. In my example, labeling the dots. And I'm basically pointing at the gaps, and I don't follow with the relevance to the original point.

Jesus said "I am returning soon"

That last verse, "god makes the same thing happen over and over" <- which verse? Ecclesiastes?

List of Oppressive societies

Side note, whore of babylon is communism <- cool, why?

The beast being the inevitable ruler <- that is a little ambiguous isn't it? This opens the door to confirmation bias in the next point

The number changes <- is there a system.. or what? It's pretty convenient if you can say the number changes every time, then you can't recognize any patterns and everything is verified/unverifiable.

All of these government's are anti god <- ok, buy that

Catholic Church is one of them <- agreed, leftist Americans and "deep state" too while we're at it


Bible altered, missing pages <- So, there have been many translations, transliterations, and combinations. Follow that. Also follow that there have been political rewritings. Problem. Catholic Church weren't the only ones with copies. I can follow along with why governments would want to rewrite some things, some have, but that does not equate to "all existing manuscripts are tainted"

List of bad things done by Catholics

Name modernization, depiction as more similar <- this has happened in many cultures with many prominent figures. I wouldn't call it blasphemy, and i don't see how it's relevant. Most Christians I know do acknowledge that the white depiction isn't realistic. But physical bodies aren't the important part of the story.

Catholic Church was all powerful <- um... Influential in many countries, but all powerful? Really? What was the East doing during all this time? The southern hemisphere?

Comparison with information age <- i get the point, but not the relevance

More things that "were altered" <- ok, you really went on a tangent here. Catholics are a cult, Zionist Jews aren't "real Jews." I get that dot skip.


Islam referred to Jesus as a prophet


The "stuff going on right now" proves all men are corruptible <- why? I mean yeah i think so too, but what are you talking about and why does it prove that assertion?

"You mean to tell me every Pope..." <- no one is speaking. And I get it. You're anti Catholic. What is your point though?




Psyop against Templars


"They" Toppled statues


Protestants aren't merciful and weak - cool, noted


Burisma, money going back on the plane


Fulfill the law not change it, church bad, Bible study good, you are church.


So why does this mean Jesus has "come back" before and that history is cyclical?

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That's exactly what I'm talking about. You're filling in gaps of information with 'something' and just continuing on like it's plain as day but I'm the previous messages it's unstated. In this one, you reference it, so I can identify it directly.

You stated I'm Catholic.

You stated I'm using emotion and feelings instead of "logic."

You alluded to my education but didn't make an out right declaration.

The problem is, none of those things are true. I'm addressing them specifically because you did reference them. But, I feel that your cognition is.. ok, so imagine it's like a dotted line. And you're connecting the dots with a solid line. I can see where you have traced several dots, and the are... Lots of gaps.

I can see the gap, and where you start drawing the line again. But what I don't see is your thought that you aren't conveying in text to get from b to c, from e to f, all I'm seeing are dots A, C, D, F.

I did have a quip of snarky attitude when I asked you at the start, I apologise, but now I'm honestly just intrigued by what's going on here.

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Are you high right now? Is English your second language?

Your speech is disjointed. You make abrupt jumps in your thought process that are built on no other pretenses.

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What's worse, over time they change the meanings of words in our language. So, something translated accurately in the past can be inaccurate because the words literally mean different things now than they did before.

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You say a lot of things but you don't make a point. I read every word, but you don't deliver a message. What does all of that have to do with "I am returning soon"

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I tend to doubt she's dead-dead. But I fully believe she's on her death bed incapable of functioning for herself. They would keep her alive if braindead if it meant their team could claim her position longer

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He had 4 years. He isn't guaranteed 8. There's a reason everything is going insane NOW.

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I hear you, and I understand where you're coming from. But "trust the plan" is what a politician trying to get reelected says. We need results.

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