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Gotta Hand it to Chris Chrisitie. He's been on the Trump train since 2015. I used to be disgusted by Trump in 2015 and Chrisitie which makes Christie a based patriot. I joined the Trump Train During the First Debate in January 2016 with Trump. I was watching Megyn Kelly host the Debate. I was Californian at the Time, what made me fall for trump is when he utterly destroyed Political Correctness. That Was the First RNC debate. He didn't back down from what he said about the fat Pig Rosie O'Donal. Instead, he owned it, and doubled down and turned it back on megyn kelly. I used to be a Fox Fan and Megyn Kelly adoring fan until I learned that She was a RINO. The most beautiful women will stab you in the back.

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Based Law Merchant Alpha Male Rudi Giuliani is here.

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Uhmm If it's a Cult then, it's a Cult of Love.

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this is actually beyond pathetic... This looks like a retirement home. So sad. I went to a Trump Rally Last night and it was like a rock concert.

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lmao this is family guy quality when it was still funny.

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the females are trying SO VERY HARD To nut Up to these Alpha Male Policemen. They are remembering what a real man looks like because of this. This is the real explanation for why these women keep showing up night after night. it's called "Man handling" for a reason and these women want an extra dose to make up for all the "male estrogen" thats abound. The police are their drug of choice. the cucks are there because they want some "Virtue signal" pussy for being the male feminist who riots with them.

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So Good it'll make you BUST in it.

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