Hillary4Prison [S] 14 points ago

I smell a week of Trump unhinged on these anti-American fuckheads!

Hillary4Prison [S] 80 points ago

This is a strong response with seemingly daily updates. Well done. Whether you're on the side of thinking it's all hype or whether you are interpreting the data from epidemiologists as the gospel, every pede should agree this response is historic, comprehensive, and very transparent. His critics are actively crossing their fingers for pandemonium in the stock market, mass hysteria in the streets, and an overall surge in those infected. VSGEOTUS knows how to respond to this and he is helping keep this country great!

Hillary4Prison [S] 6 points ago

Sounds like they are trying to get ahead of the incoming fallout of the FISA docs dropping next month.

Hillary4Prison [S] 5 points ago

Hence we moved from Reddit to get away from that bullshit. The best thing T_D on Reddit is good for right now is to inform other Pedes to switch to T_D.win before they can shut it down. I've heard the argument that if we switch we are "giving in" with some going so far as to say they will not "self deport" but if we can get posts on here to have 10K plus upvotes on the regular everyone will see how much up/down vote manipulation was/is occurring on (re)edit.

Hillary4Prison [S] 54 points ago

We are winners first and foremost because we are not LOSERS!!!

Hillary4Prison [S] 8 points ago

Just curious...but people that were registered D's vs. registered R's would receive different color envelopes? That seems shady as hell if that's what you are saying.

Hillary4Prison [S] 4 points ago

I can't wait to see an actual representation of the number of The_Donald subscribers.