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Because the Q saga is truth. People misinterpret things Q posts and run with it, but Gen Flynn confirming on his early july tweet 100% confirmed it. I wasnt fully convinced until then.

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Because they see the value in cynisism, but wanting to be cool they OD on it and come out retarded. Gen Flynn tweeted a video where he comes out in support of Q - explain that nitwits!

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Can confirm. Dad worked, mom homeschooled me and siblings. Not for every kid, but I did really well with it. Ultra rebellious kids will make your life hell, sometimes kids are just pieces of shit.

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This picture has to be edited, prince andrew doesnt "sweat" as it were, he said so himself.

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Its a slur against people. As much as I love calling fem nazi whales karens, I'm probably going to stop. Your daughter's and granddaughters will be ravaged by it.

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To be fair, someone who hasnt taken chemistry or physics wouldnt be able to understand how that math works out by looking at it because they understand units. For those who dont know: 2000 miles / (75 miles / hour), when you divide by 75 miles per hour the denominator flips and is now in the numerator position, hence the resultant units are hours. If I hadnt gone to college for math i wouldnt know it. Lets not be like the left.

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No because its forced down my throat 24/7. I know where they stand.

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Are you 22 & living in socal? 😉

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