High_Energy [S] 51 points ago

54 downvotes before the video even starts. Says a lot.

High_Energy [S] 1 point ago

Dave Racebaiter Chapelle. Sucks a fat, red, greasy dog dick.

High_Energy [S] 4 points ago

So special. Why aren't you back at Voat? Oh, because your shrill mental illness has made that place a cancer ward? So, having chased everyone out of Voat with your histrionics, you come here to seek attention.

High_Energy [S] 5 points ago

They're winning by immigration and demographics. Impossible to defend against without being labeled ""a racist"". Literally, the Muslim Brotherhood spelled it out.


High_Energy [S] 1 point ago

Hard fast regrettable sounds like too many of my blind dates this last year. In more ways than one.

High_Energy [S] 6 points ago

Some newspaper was crying hot bitter tears that Iranians were being checked more thoroughly at our border by border police. Ya, like, really? Gee, ya think?!

High_Energy [S] 2 points ago

White children vs a coalition of adult criminal POC.

This is our reality now. I wish Sandmann the best.

High_Energy [S] 3 points ago

CNN had their chance. NYTs, too. They failed and now just shill for anti-White racists and foreign interests. Last I heard, a Mexican, Carlos Slim owned majority of the stock, though that was some time ago and he may have broken up his ownership so he's not obviously in control of it, a rookie move i thought at the time.

Point being, support any America First media you see. Any personality, artist, comedian, politician, news outlet that promotes truth, beauty, the West and free speech and lampoons sjw smugness. We are a rare breed. And needcall the help we can get.

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