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I know. The one thing is anyone at the wedding would know it isn't true...but then again covid means probably hardly anyone was even at the wedding. But it is all very weird. Very.

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someone put up a link showing that pic has layers and she was photoshopped in.

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Second time I've heard of this picture and I'd love to see it. Cocaine mitch saying he's going to put the nominee up does give me pause but shit has been fishy and I wouldn't put it past them. Plus they probably know our never trump rinos in senate won't confirm. So yeah I'm gojng to give this post an uptrump.

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HAH!!! also he will appoint whoever the fuck he wants, it doesn't have to be a woman.

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a year ago maybe but after the summer we've had and the insane shit that the left has been pulling and that she (if in fact she was even truly alive because who the fuck actually knows these days) supported, I mean... you are going to see some people blowing off some steam. Also, she was an activist justice for a party that wants power so badly they will stop at pretty much nothing.

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Well one thing I'll give them is they don't give up.

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Cocaine mitch will not be the problem, however many of the rino senators will be.

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Let's also be honest that many of the shills here that pretend to be pedes are having a hard time hiding their grief.

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Then college will become increasingly irrelevant except to social elites, whose success will be increasingly more like a ponzi scam. And the country will continue to become further divided by those who have common sense and those who swim around in the system.

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