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Everything the left does blows up in their face, except the 2018 election they have lost everything else. I expect him to be attacked relentlessly, I expect him to be made out a liar, he’ll win.

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For 47 years he be doing his own bidding. Now during this election he is constantly lidding. Joe is corrupt and so is his Hunter Biden. That is why Jim Crow Joe is currently hiden. He is part of what we call the establishment. They are the mafia, they are leeches not self made men.
Watch how the media sucks Bidens dick and gives it a daily stroke. Not enough, check the debate, Joe will choke. He will stutter, mutter and create some word clutter. He will cheat, lie and still declared the winner. ‘You ain’t black’ is wack and Joe knows that.
But thats how all white liberal think and thats a fact.

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Fuck em both, ignorant ass mothafuckers

50Cent said Trump is a racist and Ice Cube should've known better being raised in a democratic hellhole. They complain about Hollywood being unfair and racist but it is 100% liberal

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Europe is almost gone there is no turn back held in a choke hold by the EU and we have no weapons nothing to fight back against tyranny

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And then they threw her in a bus like a side of beef

Look the footage is here


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Someone give this Burqa a one way ticket to Saudi Arabia!!

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