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Friendly reminder to all PA voters that you are allowed to change your early vote.

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Tucker isn’t even as far right wing as these moderators are to the left. He’ll openly criticize Trump when it’s fair to do so. Part of the reason I still love his show after over four years, since overt bias in either direction becomes tiresome before long.

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How in the world did your wife still have a high opinion of Guthrie after her Sandmann interview? That lady is vile to the core, no shame at all.

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She was visibly rattled quite a few times that night, including a few dramatic gulps as Pence drove his points home.

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Michigan law says illegally taking possession of an absentee ballot is a felony...“It’s solicitation of absentee ballots into a container,” Byrum said in a statement.

No, it is not. It's solicitation of mail-in ballots into a container. Not the same thing. You'd think an "election official" could tell the difference.

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Good, because I want him to run for president in 2024.

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I'm pretty sure the fags are the ones not doing anything about it.

I applied to be a poll worker today, so I know I'm safe from being called a fag at least. haha

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The fact that they are even willing to run Joe as a candidate is the most convincing evidence of the Deep State actually running things.

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Their whole channel is set to "made for kids". I find it hard to believe they did that intentionally, but who knows.

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President of the Board of Education, but can't proofread a press release. (Second paragrah "desire show")

Really says it all, these people aren't concerned with education, only pushing their agenda and covering their ass when the mask slips.

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You seriously expect a lone woman to physically engage 2 or more thugs while they chimp out?

This troll needs to be deported.

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Floyd wasn't actively or even passively resisting beyond a point and Chauvin still kept his knee there.

Passive resistance can include making your body limp so that it's difficult to arrest you. And Floyd transitioned from a state of actively resisting to passively resisting so (c) doesn't necessarily apply. I would interpret (c) not as implying "Stop using this technique immediately once they are no longer actively resisting", but rather "Don't use this technique on someone that is merely passively resisting."

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The DA also charged him with fleeing the state when he went home that night. They are clearly appealing to the mob with such a bogus charge.