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Looks like the wall of a serial killer - totally unhinged

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Why would the tally’s be expressed with a decimal point? 0.7 of my vote went for Trump, 0.3 for Biden?

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Not only that, but it’s no coincidence that Whitmer shut Michigan down just two days after a large “STOP THE STEAL” protest in front of the state Capitol on Saturday. It’s to suppress open dissent.

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I’ve heard internal numbers indicate that President Trump gained with white-collar voters this time, up significantly from 2016. Many office workers are worried for the future of their jobs now too, it’s not just blue-collar jobs at risk any more.

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We had a hell of a time trying to find dental floss in stores in Scotland - apparently it’s not in widespread use. Same for underarm deodorant. Weird.

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Good point. I’m in Michigan and voted absentee-in-person last week, as instructed by the Trump Victory team. Until they open the envelope and scan the sheet, I’m probably counted as a D because I voted for Bernie in the spring primary, just to fuck things up for the D’s.

Gotta admit, it was REALLY difficult to vote for a commie, even as a mischief vote. Afterwards, I had to go home and take a hot bath with lots of soap, and then go confess my sin to get it off my soul.

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As long as you hurt them, that’s what counts...but many of us can’t endure the bullshit and would rather go elsewhere

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Your idea is a great one and is being implemented, but they need to move faster. Interior Department is being moved out of DC, the new HQ to be in Colorado - closer to the citizenry that it serves. I read that a majority of the employees refused to leave DC and resigned, so there’s another plus.

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They absolutely cannot contain themselves when it comes to virtue-signaling. We all know where the Lefties shop and work, and we all know which houses they live in. There’s a big rainbow flag, or a BLM sign in the yard, or “Hate has no home here” (which is the biggest joke of all). I keep a mental list of exactly where they all are.