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You got deported for that 1st grade joke? Your mom! LOL Good one.

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Yeah he's an oddball. He's a piping designer. We are weirdos by default but he goes the extra rung.

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I work in an engineering department and there's a guy in there that wears both a mask and a shield. Fucking pathetic.

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They should have the observer see every vote. You tally it, I check it. It's only fair.

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You literally cheated to get a demented old man who sat in his basement for a year, wants to raise your taxes, is in bed with foreign countries, has a son who fucks your grand daughter (his niece), won't answer any questions, gets mad at the drop of a hat when questioned, ZERO fuckin energy and the list could go on all night. Yet you are happy? Take a look in the mirror, you are the real loser.

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Asian guy at my office wears a mask PLUS a fuckin plastic shield. He's early 30s. What a twat.

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They are empty husks of souls.

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I think some people are being impacted severely and others are making a living or making more than they ever had. I'm having a ridiculously good year picking up work from home but I know it's partly due to peoples lack of ability of working from home. Some of which is due to people just not able to control themselves and work responsibly from home and others juggling kids and family who can not work/school from home. We have a ton of Americans who work pay check to pay check and they are fucked when governed like sheep over a mild flu. I believe this Covid is in the stage where it just wants to survive. You can't survive if you kill your host. At the very least this is a wake up call on many fronts. God Bless the deserved. I pray for pedes from Michigan and California, etc who have no choice in the matter.

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The problem is getting the judges and people in power to do the right thing. The whole system is a shit show.

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If true. Wow. Just fuckin wow.

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Crazy. He is steamrolling Texas.

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Bannon's War Room is really good.

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