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Biden is more of a Mr. Burns to me, a miserable old man with lots of money and power. Bernie has been yelling at the clouds for 50 years and has never done jack shit.

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They were already saying that. “Some of Ivanka’s fashion line isn’t made in the USA... Checkmate, Drumpftard!”

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Hillary has been held accountable?

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Also visible - no marker lights... 68’s have rectangle marker lights on the fender between the bumper and the wheel well. 67 side mirror is circular, 68 rectangular.

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All Captains should be like that Italian Coast Guard Captain.

And Fuck that cruise ship Captain, dude screwed up, but could have saved everyone had he just admitted it and evacuated the ship. Dude probably hangs with the Pelosi’s

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The definition of hacking sure has changed pver the last 5 years

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One side recognizes success comes from hard work. The other thinks the world is unfair because everything should be free.

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I would NEVER call Kim Jong Un “short and fat”...

The radical left thought Trump was starting WW3. A month later there was peace on the Korean peninsula, and they were even more upset about that.

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And in the VP debate Kamala promised all taxpayers would share the debt for these unemployed idiots who pay no tax.

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Could you imagine the media and Democrat reaction had this been a right wing shooting a left wing?

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Or they could just play basketball/football and not lecture the fans about social justice. The fans were never the ones beating their wives and children, it was always the players.

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I wonder how much coverage NBC is giving this story?

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Conversation this morning with my Iranian-American girlfriend...

her: "Will your parents be okay when they meet me?"

me: "Ya, why not?"

her: "Because I'm Iranian and they're white"

me: "My brother's wife is black. White people don't give a shit about race. Are your parents okay with you dating a white guy?"

her: "No, they want me to stay a virgin until I marry a Persian man. That's why I left Iran."

She's figured out white culture is the least racist and the media is lying about everything. I've been openly pro-Trump since we met a year ago and seen her make a complete shift from left to right... well, except the hunting bit. She won't eat anything I've shot... yet ;)

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How many times have the Democrats cried wolf since 2015? At this point, there's nothing they can say that will take voters away from Trump, they are only driving more people to the right.

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