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If this were intentional, it would take very little in terms of logistics and planning. Just a verbal agreement made in a back room somewhere between the Chicoms and the Democrats. Then an order given to a worker at the Chinese infectious disease centre telling him to take some covid-19 and drop it in the wet market on his way home from work. This could be feasible with as few as three people knowing about it: Xi, a DNC delegate and a lab worker.

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Yeah, Trump's economy is booming, virtually guaranteeing his re-election. So right at the top of the election year a disaster unfolds that will have acute effects on the economy. Total coincidence I'm sure. I mean it's not as if the democrats have already demonstrated a willingness to murder innocent Americans in pursuit of their election ambitions, and it's not as if the Democrats are deeply in bed with communist China, and both have a shared interest in deposing Trump. /s

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I can't fucking believe they're trying to launch an investigation against Trump right now.

What am I saying? Of course I can believe it. But it still amazes and disgusts me.

Honestly at this point it wouldn't take much to convince me that this pandemic was orchestrated by China and the Democrats to bring down Trump.

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See, that's how you beat this whole "gender fluidity" crap: Just go by sex instead. Sex is biological and never changes.

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"Guys srsly, the only way to stop this virus is to let us cheat in the election. ~ Democrats.

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You kid, but I'm currently on a three day site-wide reddit ban for posting this: https://i.imgur.com/VKJ8MTs.png

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His mind is completely gone. Every time he opens his mouth dementia pours out.
The democrats really fucked themselves.

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I have no idea. The post was just that screenshot.

I suspect it may actually be over the banner I put over the subreddit a moderate: https://old.reddit.com/r/metacanada/

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MSM news site. Not edited. Direct clipping from the article about the danger of Chinese wet-markets. And the reddit admins call that "harassment".


There's no denying that reddit is carrying water for the Chinese communist party. The entire staff there need to go up for treason.

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Holy fucking shit. Denying an entire state vital medical treatment just because Trump said good things about it in a press conference and you don't want him to be proven right.

How can anyone be this depraved?

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I'm already banned from the former, and the latter won't allow image posts (I tried LOL).

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Well, you can hardly be the gatekeepers of public knowledge when the President is allowed to address the people directly. This is the media brazenly trying to wrestle control of the narrative away from the president, and inject themselves back into the position of 'middle-man' between elected representatives and the voters because that's where all their power lies.

Remember when Chris Cuomo told viewers that they're not allowed to look at the DNC emails themselves and must instead take CNN's word for it? Same shit. If the people have direct access to the source, that makes makes CNN and company redundant and strips them of all their power. It's the same reason they want Trump kicked off of twitter. If he's allowed to just address Americans directly, how are the 'news media' supposed to twist and spin the president's message before delivering their doctored version to the public?

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There's two explanations for why the Democrats would try this:

  1. They're genuinely trying to take advantage of a crisis to push though their marxist agenda.

  2. They filled the bill with outrageous left-wing insanity they knew Republicans couldn't/wouldn't vote for, guaranteeing the measure would fail, and then they could blame the Republicans for depriving the American people of aid.

And I honestly don't know which one of those is more evil. These people are bottomless fucking scoundrels.

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Fine. If you get the virus, go ahead and refuse the cure because you don't like its discoverer's haircut. It's a free country.

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Still, however many ventilators you're going to have to build, it's not going to be anywhere near the scale of 300,000 planes + 100,000 tanks + 7,000 ships + 15,000,000 small arms.

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It's a nice thought, but the volume of what's needed to be built here (a few thousand ventilators) probably isn't really enough to expand overall manufacturing capacity.

In WW2 it was guns, tanks and planes that needed to built by their hundreds of thousands (the US manufactured 300,000 planes during WW2. That's not a typo. Three hundred thousand), or in the case of small arms, millions.

The scale of what needs to be built for this crisis is minescule by comparison to what needed to be built for WW2. Don't expect any real expansion of manufacturing sector as a reuslt.

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Do I think the democrats colluded with China to initiate a viral pandemic for the purpose of eroding Trump's economy going into an election year? Probably not. But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they did.

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You do know that the reason we've been banished here is supposedly because T_D was allegedly guilty is this exact type of behavior, right?

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There is so much ammunition against this guy I can't believe he's actually running. All Trump has to do is run nonstop footage Joe groping little girls.

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