Guruchild 7 points ago

It's cocaine. Pretty normal in the 80s. Not everyone could be godly and abstain like Trump.

Guruchild 2 points ago

What? No way!!! These all look like normal, fine, heads-down industrious, hardworking conservatives to me! Wtf td.win?!


Guruchild 4 points ago

In can see why businesses would maintain social media presences. Individuals? Not so much. It's a horrible circle jerk of people who are polarized and aren't changing their minds about anything. Social media is for narcissists who seek attention and validation within their echo chamber safe spaces.

Guruchild 14 points ago

Found on Reddit. Apparently this is an insane person according to the AstroTurf non-American shills over there.

Guruchild 9 points ago

Elections have consequences, as the libturds so smugly told me every chance they got before the 16 election. You're goddamned right they do, now go drown in your own miserable salty tears.

Guruchild 26 points ago

Fuck that, they can lie to us. Why should we be held accountable for doing their jobs for them?

Guruchild 10 points ago

Mexicans suddenly are all white people.

Guruchild 10 points ago

Yes. I like hearing GEOTUS communicate messages through twatter. But, sometimes a 6 paragraph, 6 part message just doesn't reach normies.

Guruchild 1 point ago

Like anything will happen to the top brass at Reddit. Just let their shitstained used tranny condom of a website die its natural death.

Guruchild 253 points ago

Nah fam, many people out there have always been brainless. Social media just hands them all a worldwide megaphone.

Guruchild 24 points ago

You need to work on your concern troll "skills."

Guruchild 29 points ago

No need, little commie bitch. We got the numbers. Libtards are controlled opposition. You're pure projection. We ain't robots or whatever conspiracy theory your fried little feggot brain has cooked up. Go burn some welfare ramen and kindly fuck off.

Guruchild 2 points ago

That little tidbit works both ways. "Welcome to the interview, firstly what are your views on Trump?" Don't like what they say, warn them about not letting the door hit their libtarded ass on the way out.

Guruchild 10 points ago

That bulbous head makes for an easier laser spot. Aim for the middle though, the brain inside can't be very big.

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