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I read "full thrust" and still clicked!

SP is a lovely lady!

Not FLOTUS pretty but just a lovely patriot!

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Shit I thought Othais did it! But I think he was just posting the other dude's thumb torture!

Othais ain't up on that new fangled shit though. 🤣

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Yes but it's overkill.

AR is better for modern usage and FAR handier but I love my M1 Tanker. 😉

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Perfect representation of the Korean War Horse battle implement!

KW cartridge belt too looks like?

It was always my era to collect.

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This is a John Miller quote.

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He set the trap and many followed blindly.

They had a choice although they won't admit it.

They could come forward and spilled the beans and have their lives ruined or continue to cover their asses in hopes they could somehow weasel out this time and survive.

They chose wrongly. Bigly.

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This is the moment GEOTUS has planned for the last 6 years!

He is unrolling his Masterpiece on schedule and under budget and he could not be more confident in the outcome!

WE one the other hand are just like you! Mere mortals feeling the stress.

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