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Special place in Hell for her.

Like the death scenes in "Ghost", I have this vision of the Devils Minions/Spirits coming up from below to take her to Hell.

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I should know better than to take accounts spread by the mass media as gospel. A murder being called a suicide makes sense. I think Jake had a very good case and would have walked. Why suicide? I think we all thought that!

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Any surprise a life long liar would lie? Every Hiden Biden commercial, I have to painfully live through, on TV and computer are all filled with 100% lies.

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The dying wishes of our Founders was to fight Big Government, Socialism and Communism with our last breath! I'll take their wishes over a Commie Hack's any day!

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You don't prefer the fat Antifa chicks with the purple hair, smelly pits and cootch and 20 plus piercings on the face? Bigot!

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The sooner people start seeing the Demoncrap Party as the cult it is, the better off we will be. If you look closely at their rhetoric and actions, you can easily see the strong correlation between what Manson, Jim Jones and on a larger scale Hitler were selling. They all talked the same language and promised the same things to their followers.

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I have to agree, there is no way they can put Teleprompter Joe out there against the sharpest mind in politics, President Trump. Covid would be the excuse, they use it for everything.

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It's probably not a good idea to pay for a child's education at all. I paid my own way through college and I think doing so did more for me than anything I have done in life. Paying for ones own accomplishments and life purchases brings with it a respect for such things that is irreplaceable. I think if parents didn't pay for their children's education, much of the Socialist Bullshit wouldn't be as easily accepted.

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I was thinking the same thing, the fucking Nazi Left Freaks just don't come after you, they come after your family and everyone who supports you. JUST LIKE A FUCKING CULT WOULD DO.

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I just see Jake as one of the first of many casualties of war that are sure to come in the fight against Communism in this country. So sad that a Real Patriot can't even get fair treatment in American Courts.

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For anyone who hasn't watched Kitty Werthmann's videos comparing the Commie DNC Libtard/ANTIFA agenda with that of Hitler's Socialist Party, they are a must see. 90% of the Commie DNC Party agenda/platform was exactly the same as Hitler's/Nazism during it's quick ascension.

WWII Survivor Kitty Werthmann speech about Socialism ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsZXX9xZ9QQ

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Hey, it worked out well for Jim Jones and his followers. Libtard history shows it to be so!

Don't these people ever learn anything from the past fuck ups of Commie/Socialist collectivism and "village" crap?

The Demoncrap Party is a YUGE cult, prove me wrong!

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Bet he thinks they should force it upon children too. That is if they don't kill them first. He's a fucking moron as evidenced by everything he says and does.

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Why are they hiding the fact that they are Commies anyway? I thought Communism/Socialism was such a great thing everyone would want that shit and would kill the few "Freedom Loving Americans" just to get it?

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I'll forgive them for that! I never did mind when any players took a knee when they were tired either.

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I hope what we are doing spreads like wildfire, I think if people just give a little effort to leave the anti-American bastards behind, they will all find it easy to do.

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Yes, I'd love to see that and more, but I'm not holding my breath that stupid ass brain dead Americans will eventually accept the anti-American rhetoric and give in and start watching again. I hope I'm wrong, but many people have short memories and grow tolerant of just about anything. I DON'T! Once I make a decision not to participate in or support something, there is nothing going to change my mind.

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Thing that pisses me off the most is that my local stadiums have been financed by taxpayer money and then they use that venue to promote anti-American bull shit and make themselves multimillionaires.

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I'm watching golf right now and I will continue my Golf and MMA watching as long as the participants don't start taking knees. I have gotten used to doing without a lot recently and I have not found it difficult in the least.

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I bet there is nothing that Shillary has done that involved energy output. Driving a car with all that hand movement and legs engaged is way to much to expect. Only thing she has ever done that takes effort is bloviating and eating.

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These things are what minorities are for!

I have a secret to share for everyone, open borders and illegals are really for slave type labor. I hope no one actually thought that Demoncraps actually cared about them in the slightest. They would use African Americans, but they have trained the blacks, devoid of significant ability, to live for free off of welfare.

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I have been wishing to hit the lotto for over 40 years, if I wish it, it should be so!

I do believe that Ruth did have a last wish, but I think it was to have lived long enough to see the complete destruction of America and all freedoms lost. Then she would get paid for doing nothing as is the design!

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