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More and more I feel like if I lost my job I'd never find another because I'm a straight white male.

Time to start identifying as a trans-african homosexual.

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Bet she sucks like a Hoover with those neck muscles though. Not that I'd want to find out myself....ewww.

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Pretty sure it was for her intellect and ability to accurately articulate her thoughts.

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Most of their questions are not questions, but statements posed to Barr. They're dumber than I thought.

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Nadler is senile. Richmond is dumber than dogshit, and the guy currently speaking is both stupid AND self-absorbed. It's like watching a high school debate at a REALLY shitty school

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All I could think watching that clip was, "Good."

The irate screaming made it even better.

Fuck Antifa.

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Yeah I can't be bothered to be honest (I think it was my first tweet in 6 months). I'd rather call her a cunt and take the suspension. They're still hypocrites for not suspending her for something more inflammatory.

I thought "cunt" was fair game after that goblin Samantha Bee called Ivanka a "feckless cunt". (/s)

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I replied to her tweet saying she's an ugly cunt both inside and out.

Was immediately suspended from Twitter (within seconds) and they claimed it was because I implied violence or insulted someone based on their race/gender/disability.

I appealed it and asked why I'm being accused of that when the tweet I replied to quite literally broke their rules on threatening violence.

It will be ignored and her tweet will stay up.

Fuck Twitter.

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He looks like a supervillain in a C-rate movie.

She looks like said supervillain's drunken sister.