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If you support Trump, you're a nazi, so obviously mad they lost

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They are really pushing the 'Shanghai Shivers'. I've been watching a lot of Discovery Channel and every other commercial is about this shit.

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I get that is Paddock and his bro. I also don't buy the narrative at all. But what is this photo supposed to be supporting or revealing?

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I loosely fallow along with the Q stuff. Q didn't say shit was supposed to happen tomorrow. That's others, like you, saying it.

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Don't forget about Pence and Paul Ryan's discussions before the election. I don't trust Pence, and look at these Dr.'s Pence has on his team.

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Puerto Rico 2.0

-Hide medical supplies in warehouses and blame Trump saying it's his fault there are no supplies

-Have every libshit go on TV and criticize Trump's handling of situation

-Push Orange Man Bad, Libs virtuous until election

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PA Pede here. Got laid off via email last evening. Never been unemployed so need to figure out how the unemployment process works. Half tempted to cash out my 401k and just pay everything off and start over when things are under control.

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