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Puerto Rico 2.0

-Hide medical supplies in warehouses and blame Trump saying it's his fault there are no supplies

-Have every libshit go on TV and criticize Trump's handling of situation

-Push Orange Man Bad, Libs virtuous until election

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PA Pede here. Got laid off via email last evening. Never been unemployed so need to figure out how the unemployment process works. Half tempted to cash out my 401k and just pay everything off and start over when things are under control.

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What about this is trolling? Simply free speech and stating a fact.

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Sure. And their commie pals here in the media are aiding them, hoping Trump loses in November.

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We need a backup to this site now, or at least a plan to migrate elsewhere if they deplatform this site.

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Interesting when you consider for the Alt Leftists, politics is religion, and the virus in the USA is mostly in liberal hubs at the moment.

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Panda has a brother if you're looking for reasons why the family would want to distance themselves from the 'conspiracy theory'.

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Its cancellation shows that everyone in the private sector is buying the MSM BS that everything isn't going to be ok.

Fixed that for you....

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