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Nothing is stopping them.

Needs to be a massive overhaul of voting.

• no person should be able to get or even see a ballot until they go vote

• absolutely no mail-in ballots

• mandatory id check - no valid state id, no vote

• counting ends on election night, no exceptions

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They're not going to stop until people start defending their property with live ammunition.

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"Then why the fuck have we been quarantining since March?"

Because the goal was to make White small businesses go out of business - nothing to do with coronavirus. Then they ran muhracism.exe so they could justify giving black & brown people free money to start their businesses now that all those pesky White businesses are gone and their storefronts & buildings are empty. Exactly what they did here in Portland. My little neighborhood bar and restaurant strip was all White, then they shut down everything and now somehow every empty business is a fucking taqueria. 🤔

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I'm just a simple guy, but it seems like an easy solution to all of this would be

A] Big Tech just shouldn't block anyone from posting whatever they want.

B] There shouldn't be any "report" features. Only "block". If you don't want to see something someone posted, block them. If there's something on TV that I don't want to watch, I just change the channel - I don't embark on some big campaign to make sure it never appears on tv again. Same with social media. Don't cry to your fucking tech mommy, just block what you don't want to see and move on.

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Oh I'm not running. If shit goes sideways, they're fuckin leaving, not me.

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They cheated big-time in 2016, they just didn't count on Trump getting as many votes as he did. I have a feeling they've fixed that this time. We've had a few court victories, but man when you look at those newest Project Veritas videos, then figure they've got hundreds, maybe thousands of people doing that same shit. Definitely enough to swing an election. I think in a fair election, Trump wins almost every state. My gut says they're going to successfully steal it somehow this time.

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Reminder: They're not liberals, they're leftists

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Need a time machine to go back and prevent them from ever existing. Twitter exists to facilitate and bankroll communist overthrow. They're not going to get in trouble by our heavily compromised government.

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Men tend to think in curves, and women tend to think in straight lines. That might be a difficult visual to access without context, but the visual representation of the naXalt fallacy makes it pretty easy.

naXalt fallacy

You know what's funny - naXalt is actually multi-purpose - it also inadvertently tests for the presence of feminine cognition.

If I say to a typical woman "women are suckers for the naXalt fallacy" some percentage of women will, without fail, say "not all women are like that!", thus proving the validity of naXalt.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I highly recommend studying Curt Doolittle's work in the areas of cognition and the evolution of how consciousness is produced in the brain.

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Actually I just think it's funny that you're so triggered. Happy to have you on the Trump train. Cheers, kiddo.

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Yes, dear. Hey if you're headed to the kitchen, I'd love some fresh coffee

smacks you playfully on the butt and watches you giggle and go get my coffee

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