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Maybe a bit less power due to emissions differences but I'd wager its largely to do with the ratings.

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Kids shouldn't use drugs, that is true for nicotine or caffeine or marijuana or fentanyl.

I'm not going to advocate for marijuana use but trying to refute the previous comment with a study on teen usage is laughable. Do you seriously think its a concern for adults vs something like alcohol? How about prescription drugs? Most experts on the subject seem to agree these days its marijuana is less harmful then opiates and likely alcohol too, and the general population is coming around as well.

Broadly question. Do you think the government should be able to decide what you put in your body or what plants you can grow on your own property and for your own use?

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Kinda surprised this comment is so far down.

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Oh I have no doubt she's had sexual relations with women (probably just like most women in Portland), but to claim it as a label when married to a man and never publicly in any kind of gay relationship is ridiculous.

If they had like a sidepiece girlfriend, I'd at least respect the label some.

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Chad Wolf vs Fake Bisexual Governor (she's married to a cuck of a man)

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Thumb on forward assist and finger seemingly reaching inside the trigger guard!

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One of the relatively few symbols of the federal government in Portland and almost surely the only one any of the degenerate rioters have ever had any actual interface with.

There was a previous incident where a similar group of Portland crazies besieged the local ICE building.

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These parts are not banned as part of that trade embargo, an embargo that was put in place after the Tiananmen massacre banned Norinco by name and AFAIK rifled firearm but has always allowed for smoothbore and firearm parts. It's not a full "arms embargo", shotguns are definitely arms (also arguably so are the many other weapons that are still imported from China like swords and crossbows).

This screenshot is from an article that came out last year which I had the impression from other articles are the time was due to not properly entering customs/paying import duties. There hasn't been any kind of newer embargo on AR-15 parts from China that are readily available for sale online or in probably thousands of gunshops across this country. While Trump has instituted further restrictions I'm not aware of any particularly on firearm parts.

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This isn't completely accurate, Chinese shotguns have not been banned for sale in the USA and are widely available, as are Chinese parts for things like AR-15s.

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I don't get your attitude here man, what I said was "What's illegal in CA about any of the parts shown/described here? They are all shitty cheap legal parts AFAIK and this was simply due to not declaring at customs aka avoiding taxes.". The answer there still seems to be nothing is illegal, it was that they didn't properly declare to customs.

You did seem to be ignorant of the reality that these are not firearms and that legally Chinese shotguns can (or as I said, could recently, I have not checked if this has changed with recent sanctions) be sold legally. Not sure what you think I was ignorant of yesterday.

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A ban on firearms AFAIK only excluding smoothbore shotguns, not a ban on* firearm parts.

It's not my take on the legality, it's me pointing out the present reality that you seem to be ignorant of.

These particular shipments were seized as customs violations, there are still a thousand places you can buy legal Chinese gun parts in the USA.

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Sure, and I don't disagree with your general point.

I wasn't saying judge them by today's standards but I was saying "loving classic Chinese culture" seems pretty extreme positive feeling about a culture with some very very shitty aspects.

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Someone? You mean your parents?

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I didn't make that argument, I'm merely pointing out a particularly egregious aspect of this one culture that is often glossed over because, as you said, they made some beautiful stuff. I even clearly said I like some of their delicious stuff and history, I just don't "love the culture". The only culture I love is modern western society, particularly ours... loving one where the end result is the CCP and kids are run over in the street seems... a poor choice. Yes yes, there is an argument that the legacy of Chinese culture is in Taiwan and not Beijing, but still.

The culture contains shitty aspects and pointing those out doesn't make the good not exist...

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Incorrect. Period. Chinese shotguns have been imported for quite some time, maybe that changed recently but Chinese shotguns have been sold in this country in the past few years.

These are not "weapons", there don't even appear to be barrels and there are surely not any receivers (the actual firearm) shown. If it were actual receivers than totally illegal.

Yes, gun shops regularly sell Chinese parts for guns. Just like nearly every other shop that sells parts sells Chinese parts.

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I love classical Chinese Culture.

Aah yes, the culture that would take small boys and cuts off their dicks so they can possibly serve their God Emperor as a palace eunuch (if he survives and is selected).

Don't get me wrong, I love the food and some of the ancient history but the culture itself has had really shitty aspects for ~3000+ years.

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What's illegal in CA about any of the parts shown/described here? They are all shitty cheap legal parts AFAIK and this was simply due to not declaring at customs aka avoiding taxes.

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Baltimore transplant. Looks like she's straight from The Wire.

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She honestly looks and talks like she spent a large amount of time smoking crack.

Also, in a very side of beef like moment, she fell over after speaking to the rioters recently.

Edit Not sure if she is better or worse than the other councilwoman who wore a Mao dress... its a shitshow.

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If you look at many of the native African gods/idols, its big curvy women. The idealized vision of fertility and beauty is a large woman in Africa.

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