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I agree so much. Neither Nicky nor Trey are to be trusted.

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They expose their evil intent and heart!!

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Something like 70 people in our church tested positive. 2 hospitalized, all fine. Course it doesn't take much to test positive. Just take a test.

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Come on. In The Bible, God says those who bless Israel, I will bless. No caveat. They are not part of the US, they are a free country. But we have to bless them even if we don't agree with everything. I want to be on God's side.

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I went to my neighbor's Free Will Baptist church when mine was pandemic closed. Before the Trump Tulsa Rally and after and her pastor shook my hand every time!

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I'm 67. If I'd acted like this, my mom would have found me and thrashed me! Me kids knew better and they are the best adult kids EVER!!

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Is that really how a really stupid Democrat thinks a Republic is run? Lose power, IMPEACH! Don't like the president? IMPEACH!! Don't like an investigation? IMPEACH!

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Don't use Google. Use duckduckgo

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