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why are they falling in line like good little boys and girls, get the hell up and move your chair close enough to see what the hell is going on, and if the demonRats put up a fuss then make a formal complaint that your being blocked from doing your job

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Tucker got his feelings hurt, can’t believe he would ask Sidney Powell to come on his show and show all the evidence they have against dominion and voter fraud, that would be like asking a professional gambler to show his hand before he places a bet, Tucker will find out what it means to be on our bad side, his ratings will tank

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we need 4chan to find out who this piece of shit is so we can dox him and make his life hell, non stop phone calls and see how this POS like being on the other side of the threats

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I tried but I think she removed her account because she is getting attacked by the hateful demonRats, they are threatening her, we need to report everyone of them

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I seen a video on Salty Cracker from Joan Rivers where a reporter asked her if there would ever be a gay in the White House, Joan said there already was and that moochele was transgender

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why the hell haven’t any new media’s except Newsmax not removed the totals from all the states being sued from piss pants sleepy joe’s count, they need to show America that the true count puts President Trump in the lead

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😂😂😂😂sleepy joe won’t make it through one term