Seriously, why am I still expected to pay full price for auto this month when I've been in lockdown for almost 2 weeks and haven't driven 10% of my usual mileage?


No governor has the authority to shut down business at whim, without a declaration of martial law.
As no such declaration has been made, all of these lockdowns are clear abuses of power that need to be swiftly punished.
These governors need to be arrested and removed from power, immediately.


Shows college students reading the Communist Manifesto, some Lib-fem propaganda, and another book I couldn't identify.
Ended with the tagline, "Many voices. One conversation."

Seems the conversation they're having is how to subvert and destroy our country.
The ad also made it seem like ND is hosting a presidential debate this year? If so, that shit needs a change in venue.


McCabe isn't being charged. Vindman isn't being charged. Page, Strzok, Comey, Brennan, Wray, Clinton(s), Obama, Clapper, and on and on are still walking free.
The message is abundantly clear:
Even when we have our man in the White House, justice will not be done on our behalf. We have to claim it for ourselves.
This is a time of National Emergency. That is not hyperbole, that is a defined legal status. In times of National Emergency, the Militia are empowered to act.
That being the case, and with the evidence of foreign and domestic enemies on our soil being in greater abundance than sands on the shores or stars in the sky, we must band together and act with our Militia authority to bring Hillary's oft-quoted 2016 nightmare to full and final fruition.
And to do so would, without any exaggeration or any stretch of law, be perfectly legal.

Edit, because my account here has almost 0 presence: I'm not some bot, or troll, or infiltrator. I love this country, now more than I ever did before. Before Trump, I had given up on America. I only wanted Trump to win because I thought it would accelerate civil war and decline. He has proven me wrong time and again. I would die for that man if he asked me to. He has made me believe again, in both God and country.
I just can't stand watching our country be hamstrung and destroyed by these traitors and degenerates, and I believe the short-term pain of the consequent upheaval of my thoughts to be more than worth the long term gain.
Some will ask why I don't just do it myself, but to most it should already be clear: If I do something on my own, I'm just a crazy "lone wolf." We are only strong together.