GodKingHarambe 2 points ago

Not gonna lie, that's the cleanest pack of Ti-Fa I've seen, yet.

Usually, they're far more fucked-up.

GodKingHarambe 1 point ago

Was this taken before or after the Trump Tax Returns decision?

GodKingHarambe 27 points ago

He crossed that bridge during his reality show when he had Beckham on there to teach his kids soccer, takes him to Roscoes only to have his wife cuck him with a salad.

GodKingHarambe 95 points ago

I’m not gonna lie.....I’m trolling on Twitter with “Black Lives Matter and Dawit Kelete must go free!”

GodKingHarambe 15 points ago

George needs to quit being a fat Twitter bitch and control his goddamn child like a man and a father

The shit he let’s go on under his fucking roof, Damn

GodKingHarambe 3 points ago

Just call it "Melodically Protesting" and s'all good

GodKingHarambe 9 points ago

This macro has been invaluable since yesterday.

I had been posting the video, at the timemaker the attorney makes the comment...however that requires action on the part of the shill.

This macro is passive and forces the information into their dull cow-eyes.

Welldone to the pede whom crafted this stealth redpill

GodKingHarambe 2 points ago

Coulter's Law in full effect

Why would r/latinopeople take the side of a black gentleman in the killing of a latina soldier.

Curious.....very curious

GodKingHarambe 12 points ago

I had great difficulty locating a pix of the suicided-perp in the Ft. Hood girl's death, yesterday

When I finally found it....Coulter's Law

GodKingHarambe 7 points ago

Odd, I was having a very difficult time finding a picture of the suspect, Aaron Robinson.

I wonder why that might be?

GodKingHarambe 5 points ago

Whom would your rather read about doing yoga:


Cankles Lynch

Sheila Jackson-Lee

Choose 1, choose wisely

GodKingHarambe 61 points ago

Not now. At pawnshop. Selling mine and my wife's wedding rings. To buy guns. To protect our immigrant neighbors. Fucking awful Hitler remake!

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