GodEmperorTrump45 3 points ago

Can confirm. I had a comment double post from an error a little earlier and I deleted the dupe.

GodEmperorTrump45 5 points ago

They already have plans to get the site taken down. Hopefully the Admins have a way to fight this in case it happens.

GodEmperorTrump45 3 points ago

Imagine my shock that they'd try this. Everything they try to say we are they actually are in spades.

GodEmperorTrump45 9 points ago

Yeah it's nice but i'm not jumping ship over there just yet. We need to hold both forums. We shouldn't surrender anything to the dirty fuckers.

GodEmperorTrump45 1 point ago

I changed my name and password. At least this name is more fitting lol