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Courts/Judges - don't mess this up.

They cheated, we know it. Trump is the legitimate winner of the presidential election.

We will not let the country be stolen.

This would be the final push too far for all of us.

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We all have a duty expected of us if the fraud is pushed forward. There's no question the election was legitimately won by Trump.

The founding fathers would be shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the capital if that day comes.

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Turns out the entire country is Trump country.

They just cheated to make it appear otherwise.

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Can you guys imagine what would have happened if Trump hadn't won in 2016?

He literally saved the country.

No one else would have pushed back and exposed these treasonous zealots.

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The excuse Dominion reps give is so that weighting can be added to votes if the machines were used for HOAs or land parcel groups where your vote is decided by the amount of land you have.

That is a horseshit answer. Just up the base number in that case so that Mister Lots-of-Land gets 15 votes and everyone else gets 10.

*Dominion would not answer when asked how many machines had been sold or used for the land/HOA voting they referenced.

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This is the olive branch. He's letting him know that if he resigns punishment might be less severe.

Biggest attack in our country since 9/11 just happened.

We won, now we just have to keep pushing to stop the coverup.

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They'll keep doing this until we stop them.

Once everything is settled and Trump remains our president big things need to happen:

  • Harden our election process so that cheating is nearly impossible.

  • Punish (severely) anyone that was involved in cheating/fraud in this election.

  • Full on war against big tech/media for trying to cover up the biggest election fraud in the history of our country.

  • Remove the ability for foreign money to have any influence of censoring content on media/tech companies that reach an average of X-million Americans daily (I don't know what X should be so it doesn't affect small startups).

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He was so smug/confident about it too. Like he had inside knowledge that the fix was in....

Fuck that guy, no statistician would have called it that early with that degree of confidence.

He was part of the disinformation campaign to make everyone believe that Trump had lost.

They failed, we won....don't get lazy now guys. We do not want the enemy getting back on their feet.

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Oh snap.

He just made a lot of cheaters/fraud voters piss themselves.

That's right you pieces of garbage. Consequences are back and you broke the law.

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This should be the top comment.

Great summary, now let's watch the fireworks!

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This election was ALMOST stolen.

Biden will not take the whitehouse.

If we let that happen then the country and the dreams of our founders are completely over.

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We need 76 more to get on board before EOD Monday.

CALL/Email any Republican rep not signed on and make it known that their name will be put into a funding black list that our MAGA PAC will never donate to again.

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These tweets are important to get the word out but I honestly think he should use the presidential emergency text at least once to inform everyone of how serious the situation is.

So many people have no idea what's happening or going on because of the coordinated media/tech blackout.

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Well said.

Trump won. We won.

We can not accept anything else because anything else is a lie and will only strengthen our enemies.

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Matt should get a grant or funding to continue this work for 4 years at least to monitor elections and election data in both large and small elections.

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Yes, you are correct.

The actual numbers would be WAY higher because he only has sampled data.

So take the sample size and percent of fraud and extrapolate out to the real number of absentee votes.

All that IN ADDITION TO dominion software. They cheated in every way possible.

Trump won in a landslide.

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Iran needs their own 1776 now.

For a lot of their non-zealot citizens it's sad, but until that happens they are our enemies completely.

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His work is great for so many reasons.

  • There's no defense against the fraud he's uncovering. It's plain, simple, voter fraud.

  • The fraud that Matt B. is uncovering is separate and additional to the massive Dominion electronic fraud.

  • Matt's numbers are VERY cautious. You can probably assume the real numbers of voter fraud if you did an earnest audit are 20% higher minimum.

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Someone was posting a few days ago that the 2.5 million received that Rudy quoted was not correct - that it was the Dem primary number.

Anyone know if that's true?

I can't verify myself because fucking Pennsylvania took down the data from their website, which looks like a cover-up itself.

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"Construent to what we have seen per citizens request and lack of evidence we feel the ruling could disenfranchise protected groups."

They would say some garbled garbage like that.

I'll say it again: Courts/Judges better get this right. Biden will not be president and the courtroom is the best way to fix this sham election....but not the only way.

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