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Two small turkeys are better than one big one. Easier to cook, can prepare in different ways, and hey, double drumsticks.

Also, the turkey should never be carved at the table and the breast never cut off the bone. Remove the whole breast from the bone and slice against the grain for juicy pieces where every slice has a little skin.

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That’s a shame. 24 and want to see the world. Too bad the leftists couldn’t have just left nice things alone.

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How do we know you're telling the truth? Can you verify?

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Love it.

Islam doesn't deserve to be defended. I don't condone, like, being a dick to individual people or committing hate crimes, but Islam is a no-go if we want a nice world to live in.

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Hail Satan, The Prince of Darkness, and all His Lesbian Orgies.

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Well, they would've snagged the young vote anyway. Instead the DNC keeps pushing out terrible candidates nobody actually wants to vote for.

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1981-1996. That aligns with the Pew Research Center. I was in kindergarten during 9/11, and remembering 9/11 but not the Challenger seems to be accepted as "millennial."

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Point is, I'm not having biological children. If I decide to have children, I'll adopt. As we speak, there are 400,000 American kids in foster care, and it doesn't seem right to reproduce when so many kids need homes.

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Awesome! Just do it legally! We LOVE our legal immigrants, don't we folks?

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Great. Fuck the DNC.

Bernie, Warren and Yang would've been great candidates, but they backed somebody my generation (I'm the very youngest of the Millennials - 1996) would never vote for.


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That isn't what I claimed at all. But keep telling yourself what you want to believe.

You live your life, and I'll live mine. Damn. People here get so upset when people decide to live their lives a different way.

Ah well. Back to my lesbian orgies. Think I'll summon a demon for this next one.

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I have some classically liberal values, and I voted for Trump.

LGBT+ people can exist in America and have rights and protections. Not the case with the Chinese and Islam. If they take over, gay people will die.

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shrugs I did what was right for me. Women all over the world don't have access to safe, legal abortions. It doesn't lead to less abortions, just more dead women.

You're putting words in my mouth. "Safe and rare" - that's my take on abortions. I'm getting sterilized as soon as I can afford it.

America is great. You want to raise a big family, so you can; and I want to be childfree, so I can too. Nobody is forcing us to do anything.

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Nationalism is like those instructions on airplanes that tell you to apply your own oxygen mask before helping others.

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You prevent that with your vote, calling senators to make yourself heard, supporting the economy, etc. Having kids is a personal choice.

Raise children if you want, but don't act like it has anything to do with not letting the commies win.

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shrugs Thanks, but it's not for everybody. At least in America I have the freedom to choose, though.

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Yeah. If I decide to have kids. Which I probably won't. I would adopt if I did decide to have them, though.

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shrugs As long as they're hard working legal immigrants (who, in my experience, are typically pedes and assimilate well to western values,) I don't see a problem.

For example, my mostly white county has seen an influx of East Asian and Indian immigrants and families in recent years, They start their own businesses and make lives for themselves. I'm happy to see that just as much as I'm happy to see my white neighbors start businesses.

Anyway, it's not my job to save the white race or anything. Like I said, there are so many kids already in the foster care system in America, and if I changed my mind, I'd rather take care of a kid who's already here and needs a good, loving home.

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