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I saw that the horse is doing much better. But what was this asshole even protesting by inflicting this cruelty?

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He gets lots of practice.

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Yeah, I expect that if it occurs (big if) that Trump will be debating the moderator more than he'll be debating Joe.

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Did she really have kids in the car when she put on that scene? Hell of an example to set for them.

Oh, and she can certainly scream quite a lot for not being able to breathe.

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The car she hit, was there people in it? Would this sort of behavior qualify for reckless endangerment?

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He's gonna regret those tattoos before too long.

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And that list would probably be drawn in crayon too.

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If he doesn't dodge it, it'll be hilarious to watch. That's a very big 'if' though.

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The left is totally devoid of humor. This is just one's fantasy put in picture form. Also completely illogical. She was getting chemo+radiation treatments, and was also already 87 years old. That doesn't promise a long life.

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I got whacked by the tax cuts.

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Probably also parents wanting to drug up their kids with hormones and force them to transition.

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He's just whipping them up into a frenzy at this point. It will be hilarious to watch them take this obvious joke completely seriously.

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What a piece of crap. It has to be heartbreaking for the father to hear ultimatums like that.

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And now you'll never hear from Marci again, or she'll just pretend like this conversation never happened. It's incompatible with NPC programming.

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