GilaMonsterous 6 points ago

I had a dachshund once. Might count as a little dog, but he could bark just as well as dogs ten times his size. He had balls too (getting him fixed aside). He'd once charged at a bobcat, but fortunately there was a glass door in the way. The loud thump did scare off the bobcat though.

But yeah, the purse dogs are just silly.

GilaMonsterous 2 points ago

Yeah, once you wreck a gate trespassing on private property and threatening people, you're not protesting, you're rioting.

GilaMonsterous 2 points ago

Trying to get rid of the voices that would call out the massive voter fraud that would be going on, I imagine.

GilaMonsterous 23 points ago

Learned all they knew about farming from Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

GilaMonsterous 15 points ago

It's the left throwing a temper tantrum at every turn. Script kiddies hiding out in their parent's basement with nothing better to do.

GilaMonsterous 2 points ago

It's honestly rather pathetic. It's the digital equivalent of a screaming match trying to shout somebody down.

GilaMonsterous 12 points ago

This crazy woman doesn't make any sense. It sounds like the man was able to prove he didn't hurt who she thought he hurt. Is she so upset to the point of vomiting that he DIDN'T hurt someone? What a loon.

GilaMonsterous 9 points ago

Culture itself isn't something that's above criticism. Culture needs to be critiqued, it's flaws identified and addressed, and if need be, condemned, like anything else.

GilaMonsterous 2 points ago

You'd have to dig a ditch to set up a bar that low.

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