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Literally every time Comey is mentioned this happened. It was intentional! No other m shows up when you search "rn" only his name.

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I didn't believe you.. but I'll be damned. Not once or twice but every time his name comes up.. we need to find out who did this and why.

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She didn't campaign last time so it's really no different so far. She won't even do a debate and they will just put her in at the convention like it's no big deal.

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One thing the IG report was sure to do is put everything on the minions. They blamed them for not bringing exculpatory evidence to the higher ups leaving them an out.

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Agreed. No excuse not to have a sticky as soon as it was released.

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And they still went ahead with the Mueller investigation. All because of crooked Hillary's smear campaign.

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Are we going to ignore the fact that she said Viktor Shokin believes he was POISONED?!

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You never saw Obama supporters with this kind of energy!

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Honestly Nunes was fighting this battle by himself for a long time. He deserves respect

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I was going to say that but didn't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist

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YouTube embed has been terrible. Click the link at the top to bring you to the main site.

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I think you're being willfully ignorant about a big part of what happened here....

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This doesn't clearly show that. They got this information after the fact by talking to the guys they apprehended.

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You think they'd actually be monitoring these guys. If they aren't doing that WTF is the Patriot act and NSA good for?!

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Website is crisp.

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He's so dumb he will straight up deny his son even worked for burisma.

Ghost [S] (6 points)

I agree it is a dumb commercial but I think it's hilarious how triggered they got over it.

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