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Wow about 1 in every 300 people. That’s very nice

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Just that porky lady from days prior trying to insult GEOTUS and hit him with a another gotcha question. He told her what she should have said instead. And with that, he said see you tomorrow and walked away

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Someone help me get my “Hoosier Pede” flair. Where do i set that up?

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Fuck it. We win. Trump always does. You will see checks go out quick in red states. The blue states will be watching with envy.

The left predicts death and despair that will never happen. And then Trump gets to win.

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I think it’s still just for hospital use. I wish they would approve it for Prescription use. So we could keep people out of the hospital

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This article says a lot of evidence while the shitstain polito article says scant trace.

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“ based on models” just like greta and her pretend man made global warming

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Remember when he offered to moonwalk during that press conference? Crazy coonman

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Not the best logic. If I buy a new jetski. The jetski dealer will put the money into the bank. If I gamble all of the money at a casino, the casino puts it into a bank.

So the only way this doesn't Help the bank is if you Buy gold?

Where's the gold dealer keep his money? in his sock drawer?

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I watch everyone on right side news on youtube. I can pause and restart.

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This would be a great postcard to shitpost my liberal neighbors with. Time to find a better resolution

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