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And then try not to send them to a shit hole college that Brainwashes them

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True, but the general feeling I get when I visit the rural Ontario is still a "the government has to take care of us feel". They are just beaten down and live on handouts one way or another. At the same time they are taxed to the point of having little money to spend on things. Then they get to buy $40 cases of Molson from the Beer Store. I don't know how they get by. You see old guys hauling out 6 cases of empties and getting more. That's like $240.

But they just default to relying on the government to tell them what to do. Everything has a complicated license or permit.

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You did a great job hanassholesolo. we know you are back among us and cannot say. Thanks

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I did More than that, but wholesale back in January. 40% case discounts my fellow pride. Wfboom look it Up.

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If her multiple abortion uterus is still functioning

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Oh shit that means tomorrow us Hoosiers can’t friggin hold our cell phone up to her ear like free men. Thanks Nanny state and people that sell hands-free devices.

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Dear new signup, go to a gun blog.

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I think if you would stop reading the propaganda, and forget the liberal guilt. You would agree with us. That's why they are hunting us down. If our ideas were allowed to exist in public forums more people would see the truth.

Stick around, you are always welcome to learn

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