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Yea I can't stomach it unfortunately, maybe a /b/ warrior can get in there on that.

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Damn what an amazing idea. I Better put on some music and get to work.

Gene04 [S] 15 points ago

Trump it is then. Everyone who voted for Biden today can get fucked lmao

Gene04 [S] 12 points ago

This is going to be worse than 2016, and I didn't think that was possible

Gene04 [S] 17 points ago

If it comes down to Biden or Trump I pick Trump. I'd rather have a shot at a progressive candidate in 2024 then Biden for 8 years.


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Exactly. They think the entire of the world is /r/politics and Twitter, when nobody with a brain gives a shit about them or what they think. Most of those people aren't even American, they are socialist shills from Europe or Australia. So of course they will be extreme left. It doesn't mean the US is.

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Honestly all I'm learning from tonight is how ultimately empty and impotent Bernie's movement is. Where is the fire when the progressives needed it to march against Trump's illegal actions, for the two horrific Supreme Court appointments, for the Mueller Report release, against Trumps impeachment? If we all want health care that bad why are we not marching on DC and our state capitals? Why are you putting all your eggs in one basket?

All I'm hearing tonight is the same sour grapes, how you'll move abroad (you probably won't), how you should split have your own party (good fucking luck with that), how Trump will win now for sure (speak your truth into the world), and so on. I'm not hearing any reflection, any new ideas, even though it's obvious that Bernie and the progressive movement are clearly right on so many issues but had terrible, awful, no good tactics and carries a victim complex that would even impress Trump.

It's honestly sort of sad. Five years later and still yelling about the DNC then.. you know... Taking over the DNC. Which is possible, but is the sort of base line idea that never seems to cross the minds of these type of supporters. If the movement you're pushing was as popular or big as you think it was then Bernie would be winning at this point.

Maybe your candidate and his message is not as good as you think it is. Harsh I know, but that's the self reflection you need in the real world to get up from a loss. Whining about burning everything down just makes you sounds childish and no one outside some opportunistic Trump supporters are going to take you seriously.


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I like to balance my news with conservative and liberal viewpoints. Gotta see what the other side is saying/doing.

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Also there were MANY MANY more than this. This is just 20 minutes of categorizing by /new/. There were entire HUGE chains being deleted by mods for this.

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Great idea, I have 2 accounts and one is 9 years old which would be worth a lot. Will give 100% proceeds to Trumps campaign if they buy it.

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Top Kek moment of 2015.

Spez: Fixed date

Gene04 [S] 6 points ago

Gonna sound mean but I am glad they are gone, need less lunatics on this already insane planet.

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/new is the shit. Basically feels like 2015 all over again.

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Once you see yourself start ignoring your own values, you might be on the wrong side. I an Obama 08 voter and when I saw the left start censoring and telling people there were things they couldn't say I told myself I wasn't going to be a part of it. Then they went for me saying I couldn't joke around saying things I grew up with, like dumb things like faggot.

So, in '12 I didn't vote at all, I was pissed off. Then Trump came around saying all the things we weren't "allowed" to say and I knew he was MY guy. Now I am solidly on the train and won't ever get off.

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Thanks for the text box fix, this one is amazin

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Went to the one in JC recently, didn't get in :(. But I did get in to the one near Asheville, it was lit.

Gene04 [S] 13 points ago

Now this is the kind of content I can get behind. Not to mention the ladies.

Gene04 [S] 3 points ago

Pretty sure on the left is going to end up being the hottest, best first lady in history and on the left is just a chimp that strapped some tissues around its body.

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They are gonna try anyway, as long as it is mirrored off-site it can always be put somewhere else now. Obama the omegacuck released ICANN so can't erase anything off the internet.

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