This is really simple but for some reason it made me really happy today because these garbage media lies and the swamp have been getting to me. My parents hired an elderly handyman to paint things around their house. I went over today and he said he liked my shirt (Irish Americans for Trump). I began talking to him and he was born in Baltimore and worked in Chicago and now lives here in Florida. He then told me that for the first time in his entire life he gave a political donation this weekend. I said, “really how come? And to who?” He said, “ I refuse to watch people burn my country down and sell it off in dirty deals to China like Biden so I gave to the first time to Donald Trump.”


It’s time. By May 1, all hospitals will be ready. The whole point of quarantine was to prevent hospitals from being unprepared and over loaded. We have been very successful at that because of President Trump. Now, let’s compromise and open our economy. If we wait for a day when covid doesn’t kill people we will be waiting an eternity. All diseases will cause some death. However, a dying economy will call mass misery and death. Open it up.


Are they prescribing HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN in New York especially at the hospitals? I can’t find any information if they are.


Facebook just asked me to take a survey - it asked if I saw posts from all different conservative groups and if their posts were worth my time. The first one it asked about was Babylonbee. 🤔


So there is the Senate bill the Dems killed on Saturday right? And then again Monday?

And Pelosi has a different bill with all the scary socialist wishlist in the house?

But then I see headlines about Daca and obamaphones and other crap, what bill are those in?

What is going on currently? I’m a little confused where we are at. I would rather go destitute than have Trump give them anything in their unrelated wishlist.


The Kavanaugh hearings

The Pelosi package is GARBAGE - life changing laws that have nothing to do with the virus!!!!!

Trump, close up the states that are having mass breakouts (no travel in or out). Let the rest of get back to work and help the economy. Screw the dem bill.


I want the President to stop having reporters in the briefings. Just talk to cameras. Let them submit questions through texts. They have no idea where each reporter has been or who they have had contact with. I don’t want him to catch it.




If you haven’t realized it yet, this virus meltdown/panic has been a slam dunk for the media, Dems, and liberal Wall Street to destroy Trump’s economy. They see it working and are stepping on the gas. It’s our job to help people come back to reality. Post everywhere about how the reaction is disproportional and go buy some stocks!