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Hes right though. These reporters never treated a President or anyone for that matter the way they talk to Trump.

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Has Bernie ever held an actual real job?

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Who cares what they say on reddit lol

Those people are all brainwashed liberal losers

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Don't care what Pelosi says. She belongs in jail/hung for treason. If she hates it then we know he did the right thing!

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Still no peep from our corrupt, propaganda media. They all need to be shut down. It is ridiculous.

Gambit11 0 points ago +1 / -1

Nah fuck Biden

National guard can finally arrest the babies who riot and itll stop

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These people are really sheep. It is pathetic. They literally listen to whatever the MSM tells them (their masters).

Also, can they stop with all the racist shit? Hire the most qualified person not skin color.

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I fucking hope so. I am trying to stay optimistic but as we see how deep this coup is, its hard. There are so many traitors.

Gambit11 2 points ago +3 / -1

So threaten people and you get your way. Unreal.

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Should make them live there forever. I bet you most move out and infest other red counties.

Unless dems cheated here. Wait, of course they did!

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