GODGAMER [S] 4 points ago

Thats assuming that the GOP can even win an election in 5 years, due to mass immigration/them being shitty leaders.

GODGAMER [S] 16 points ago

Actually it didn't get torn down AFAIK, it started to rain and made them stop.

A sign from God I suppose.

GODGAMER [S] 19 points ago

Where'd you get that picture of a Turkey representative?

GODGAMER [S] 1 point ago

For real man. Most niggas in here underestimate antifa, they may be mindless retards who are young, weak, and stupid, but if they get a mob of like 50-100+ people you are shit outta luck.

GODGAMER [S] 48 points ago

If Biden wins, I think We'll have more pressing problems than the markets going down.

GODGAMER [S] 2 points ago

Disgusting. Ol' Stonewall Jackson is one of my favorites from the Civil War.

May those tearing it down, and those who told them to, burn in hell.

GODGAMER [S] 148 points ago

Good riddance.

GODGAMER [S] 5 points ago

nigga if biden wins everyone right of ben shapiro/neocons are either starting a civil war or going to gulags lmao

GODGAMER [S] 2 points ago

This is actually from a game lmao

Game is Bioshock:Infinite

GODGAMER [S] 4 points ago

no this is more like hitler blaming it on somebody who's far more extreme lmao

GODGAMER [S] 49 points ago

We COULD destroy those ideologies it's just if we wanted too, we'd have to do a LOT of bad shit.

GODGAMER [S] 9 points ago

1 Thessalonians 5:5

You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.

GODGAMER [S] 82 points ago

And surprise surprise, lower in the comments he says he's "100k in debt with no job" LMAOOO

GODGAMER [S] 110 points ago

Of course they're not on the right side of history. I mean one of their core values is SLAUGHTERING babies.

GODGAMER [S] 8 points ago

the message is to us and other right wingers. Every major institution in the world is against us. nearly ALL powerful people in the world are against us. hell, MOST people are against us. And yet we tell them no, that we won't have it.

GODGAMER [S] 3 points ago

They'll get whats coming to them.

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