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They may be less than useless, but they suck up taxpayer money and pump out 5+ kids who'll 4/5 statistically only vote democrat for the rest of their lives.

And demographics aren't getting replaced by americans.

It is simply a matter of time before we hit the "election winter" where republicans can never win a national election ever again.

Either through brainwashing or demographic replacement, it is damn near inevitable short of MASS deportation/(actual) genocide, or the removal of the institution's the left uses to brainwash and import their new slaves.

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This is 2 months old dude.

And I'm a troll, sure.

Totally not a copout to face the unfortunate fact that this country is slowly become a demographic shit hole due to mass immigration, either legally or illegally.

Trump has nearly halted all immigration this year, but we have to keep this up for the next 8-12 years to keep texas at all.

Texas only has maybe 2 or 3 terms left before it's permanently blue.

Same with Florida, although that probably has a while longer.

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A catholic mother of 7 replaces a demonic moloch worshipper?

it's a good day.

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Yeah, and the world economic forum (hosted by the richest and most evil people on the planet) are calling covid the "great reset" button.

Best start believing in biblical prophecies, you're in one.

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Watch out for false flags, both with this and other events.

They'll 100% add something to this thats fake to falsify the whole thing in the eyes of the masses(retards).

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I wouldn't be surprised honestly.

Vermont is one of the Whitest states in the country so it could be swayed fairly easily if Trump seems good enough to the libtards there

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the GOP establishment needs to be fully colonized by trump populists and the like, or it needs to be burned to the ground

only difference between the GOP establishment and the DNC is that with the GOP you'll get slightly lower taxes

all the globohomo anti-gun mass immigration shit would be the same

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America is not an idea, it was never an idea, it is a place and a home for a real, flesh and blood people who have been living under the heel of an insane ruling class of which Joe Biden is a representative.

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Fuck this subversive faggot.

He hates the American people, and hates america in general.

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No, it's not because they'll succumb to violence.

If Richard spencer or actual White supremacists were out burning the streets you'd have fucking tanks rolling down the streets, and fully armed soldiers enforcing martial law everywhere they popped up.

He's voting for biden because he's either retarded or a federal agent.

simple as that.

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fucking fbi needs to be dissolved

all of our intelligence agencies do

they're all subverted foreign spy ops at this point

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the ACLU are the people orchestrating the brainwashing

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holy shit that PROJECTION

that is like lucifer believing himself to be better than God level projection and delusion

fucking demons are always the most prideful

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Well what happens when they change the laws, allowing it to pass through the courts?

These people will stop at nothing to ruin your way of life.

Remember that.

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They'll just re-institute illegals into the census.

They will stop at nothing to ruin your life, family, and world.

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I'd wager its more 99% bad people than good in our entire government to be honest.

Never forget, these people worship satan, and want to eat/rape your kids.

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make it as "efficient as possible" doesn't even compare to communists in any way mao and stalin beat him by at least x10 in deaths

yeah, "efficient" i'd say.

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And not a thing will be done about it.

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Yeah, demographics change from time to time.

Problem is, they aren't going to change back without one of 3 things, genocide, major deportations, or a colossal White baby-boom.

Non-Hispanic Whites in CA are less than 37% of the population.

Below 18 non-Hispanic Whites in CA are below 50%, and is most likely to continue to go down.

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It wasn't that long ago that CA was super-majority White either.

It's 60% some percent as of 2018, and below 18 it's already below 50% White.

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Yes, I do.

Ive been from LA to past SF.

I see more trump signs in NorCal than biden signs sure, but that doesnt mean much when literal demons control the state, and their slaves do their bidding at the promise of another 1000 dollars.

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all im saying is that by info that we have about california, is that the possibility of it being red is literally impossible.

it would take Divine Intervention for this state to go red.

Demographics are destiny, and california is the destiny for all of America, unless acted upon soon.

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I've lived in CA all my life, and every year it has gotten worse.

not a year where this new Sodom and Gomorrah has gotten better.

Only more depraved, more non-white, more degenerate.

This state need a purge to ever be red again.

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