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RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA sorry i had something in my throat

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...FBI office in DC to deliver the intelligence/info in person. This info/intelligence was completely ignored by James Comey & Peter Strzok. He also alleges he has proof of lying to Congress. He was not low level. You’ll see this story more in depth in other... https://twitter.com/adamhousley/status/1314430998793220097

...places in the next few days. Again it shows the pick and choose power play in DC that crosses party lines. You heard it here first tho. https://twitter.com/adamhousley/status/1314430998793220097

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'I said I'm going to not get involved, but I'm going to have to get involved,' Trump said.

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The moderator wrote Nancy Pelosi's autobiography lmao

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Dude this bitch hasn't mentioned Pence himself once, she's got Donald stuck in her head.

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GEOTUS is in the shit with us 'pedes, he's feeling the same damn thing we all are. In fact, it probably hurts him more than it hurts us since it DIRECTLY AFFECTS HIM.

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It's only a matter of time before Belt and Road meets it's precipice in Italy and we lose that country as well. Italy will be the western arm of the Chinese Communist Party.

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Time to declare the CCP a transnational criminal organization.

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SCMP is unofficially state media if that bothers anyone regarding the article.

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