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This has probably been done before but I hope you all enjoy it.

Stay safe out there pedes and pedettes!

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Can’t wait for all the Bernie bro’s posting Biden vids on reddit to all be shilling for him once Bernie hands over all their cash they’ve donated to the dnc. Stupid cunts.

I’d feel bad if they weren’t so gung-ho about censoring trump supporters. Fuck em

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Fuck em. No matter how stupid I thought people were on that site were I never would want them censored. This blatant attempt to fix this election will fail, and it will never be forgotten

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I’m glad to be with all you freedom loving sons of bitches, they can censor us and ban us, but they’ll never beat us!

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I’ll be honest I’m a little drunk at the moment and the fact that I’ve been here all of 10 minutes and already seeing that same great energy actually brought a tear to my eye. I fucking love you all and I’m upvoting all you glorious cuck hating bastards.