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So it's not named after Norwegian Cruise Lines? That's the last time I listen to cousin Larry.

Btw, you win our unofficial username contest, Febreeze. Nicely played.

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His district is West Hollywood. Probably not a good political move to sit down for the eradication of AIDS. Fatass Nadler would have stood, but his veterinarian said not to strain his heart.

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Dylan Roof was an actual 'lone wolf'. He wasn't part of any organized group. Yes, racism exists, but the USA is definitely the least racist Country on earth by far.

However, unlike most racists, pedophile blackmail rings are very organized, very vast and pervasive, and need to be dismantled asap. It's not 'paranoid' to say that. Saying "you're a conspiracy theorist", or "you're paranoid" is what the pedo Left says to get folks not to look into their crimes. In fact many subjects that are considered taboo because they are for 'tin-hatters' are in fact very real things that are going on. People on the Right need to stop caring about being called names and investigate this stuff.

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I'm going to disagree. I's not paranoia on our side. Child trafficking is very real. It's not like the perpetrators are sniffing coke, or shoplifting, or something, they are fucking kids. We should NEVER stop fighting that, ever. Being desensitized, and blase about such a horrible crime is for cucks.

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Beautiful poem, 'pede. Absolutely beautiful.

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I have a Template that needs captioning. Any Stephen Miller fans here?


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The "subreddit style" was written by a 'Pede, and I'm pretty sure that reddit is/was open source, which is why Voat is a clone of reddit.

spez: was open source


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The FAKE whistle blower's name is Eric Ciaramello.

Spez is a Chicom owned faggot.

That is all.