Frog_Prince 2 points ago

Getting dicey at work, but I have been able to avoid it thus far!

Frog_Prince 9 points ago

Hey now, you have to be lying. Reddit told me Trump supporters don’t know how to read!

Frog_Prince 11 points ago

That would actually be pretty epic, give her a chance to rebuild her image after McCain totally threw her under the bus.

Frog_Prince 63 points ago

Based African American Elon Musk

Frog_Prince 10 points ago (edited)

I work as a data scientist, and if I ever produced something that missed the mark even close to this much I would be fired and probably never be able to find a job again.

Clown World, just amazing with all of our advanced tools and technologies garbage like this is even possible.

Frog_Prince 33 points ago

To be fair, he paid back his Tesla loan, and as of later this month is the reason America will be sending her own Astronauts to space, instead of relying on Russia.

Frog_Prince 22 points ago

Nice to see such a long string of court wins, setting a lot of constitutional precedent.

Frog_Prince 27 points ago

Came here to say this, taking into consideration the OP point as well, China had nothing to lose by letting it rip through their Country.

Frog_Prince 5 points ago

It sounds like it’s on the docket, a lot of scaling to work out before they pull the trigger though.

I love this place! Don’t even miss Reddit.

Frog_Prince 1 point ago

They already did once 🤣. Everyone knows that will happen, seems like they have mitigation plans.

Frog_Prince 7 points ago

Lots of tendie droppers posting in NEW. They must miss us over at Reddit! I don’t miss them!

Frog_Prince 25 points ago

GEOTUS time travel confirmed? This timeline is outta control!

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