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Impressive! This is pretty high energy.

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The problem is, Gov DeWine is a fucking idiot, and specifically and without qualification said you are exempted from the mask mandate if you have a qualifying condition.

How is anyone suppose to know that does not apply at a high school football game? Where does a normal person get this information?

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GEOTUS is literally the most mad man, of all time.

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gun goes off

run behind thin bush

These people are so clueless.

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lol this exchange is amazing

We have the best arguments, don’t we folks?

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BLM does not give a shit either about their own black babies being murdered by the hundreds of thousands.

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He is saying that parents take socialization into account, as homeschoolers the vast majority of the time participate in cooperatives for social events. ‘Home schooling’ does not mean living the hermetic life.

Additionally, most home school families are engaged at church, in their community, and they usually have large families.

This is ‘socialization’ without just being shuffled into the tsunami of public schools (where there is little guidance on how to PROPERLY learn to be a social citizen.

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He fired at some Texas chad who was trying to get through the Terrorists blocking the road.

No direct video, but you can hear 7.62 go off, and then the motorist returns fire on him.

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Getting dicey at work, but I have been able to avoid it thus far!

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Hey now, you have to be lying. Reddit told me Trump supporters don’t know how to read!

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