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It's actually really funny watching these people and news organizations continue to shred their credibility on a daily basis. He's just another useful idiot that will be discarded by the next news cycle.

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They barely pull in viewers now and most of those are leftist looking to feel good by watching them bash "Orange Man". What are they going to do once he's gone, go back to reporting actual news, because that isn't going to draw viewers.

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Their credibility is already shot but once President Trump's 2nd term is up they're completely fucked. They've put all their eggs in the TDS basket and when he's gone they have nothing. I can't wait to see the layoffs and downsizing that'll take place.

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I'll never understand why these companies continue to degrade themselves and look idiotic trying to please people that have no intention of ever being their customers even after their dumbass appeasement stunts.

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It takes about 1.5 seconds for a person to close a 21ft gap, "21ft rule". I would love to see how the "armchair police" would respond to a maniac with a knife running at them full speed.

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Most of them aren't from actual people.

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Whenever I hear someone use cnn as their source I just walk away, because anyone that uses them for their source is too far gone and there's no point in even trying to reason with them.

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They're an 'anti-facist' cult, if you're going to paint with broad strokes you need to at least try to get it right. They're so 'anti-facist' that they violently attack anyone who doesn't share their ideology. They use violence to suppress opposition and despise free speech because free speech = fascism.

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I mean it's classic Russian psyop disinformation where everything is backed up with hard evidence and comes directly from Hunter Biden's laptop with no trace of any Russian ever touching any of it. I don't understand how people fall for such things when Cnn even tells us "there's nothing to see here and you shouldn't be looking at it anyway".

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It should be concerning to the entire country because pretty much every product of convenience is derived from petroleum.

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You know, these people have gone from being tucked away in the crazy box on the fringes of society to dictating rules/policy in just a few short years, and that's fucking scary!

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The best red pill from last night is the 'coyote' thing. There are thousands using google finding out what that really is because it's not censored. Basically people are finding out "holy shit there's actually kids being smuggled across the border by people called coyotes by the thousands".

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People think it's hyperbole when we talk about it being good vs evil but there are countless examples of crap like this from the left. We are at war for the soul of our nation and people need to wake the hell up!

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The point is that according to the left/msm thousands gathered together to protest against Trump/ACB is fine, but don't you dare operate a restaurant at capacity.

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I'm of the belief that companies are just trying to increase their bottom line and that there's plenty of ammo, they just aren't putting as much on the market.

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We know who is who and what their intentions are.

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The 1 on 1 interview would result in a massive gain of support for President Trump. It would give people who don't know him a true understanding of the real Donald Trump. Instead of the usual interview where some leftist propagandist tries to play the gotcha game it would flow like a normal conversation between 2 ordinary people.

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Now let's see the msm propagandist and leftist reactions to this contrasted with their treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse who was being attacked by a mob while having guns pointed at him.

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